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Mortal Kombat X Story trailer

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Video Games

The trailer is great and it gives a solid insight into what looks like an epic story. Look out for many new faces and some classics too. Will all of them make the cut into the finale roster? Time will tell. Naturally with fighting games the story isn’t the most important thing BUT as anyone who has played Mortal Kombat (2011) can vouch the guys behind these games do a great job with this mode which looks set to be the case here too.


The Crow

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Movies

Now this one has to be one of my all times fave films. Released in 1994 and directed by the great visual director Alex Proyas it stars the boss Brandon Lee (Rapid Fire, one of the best films ever made ) as musician Eric Draven. The film has Draven return from the dead to seek vengeance on those responsible for his and his finances murder. Real simple set up. No over the top melodrama. Real raw. They’re murdered and then he’s back and he’s going to kill those responsible one by one. The film just jumps right into the meat of the story. What little we do see of Eric and Shelly, his girl, is told in quick flashes of memory which only serve to heighten the emotion without it all getting corny.

Now the look of this film is pure comic pulp. I know right? What does that even mean? Hahaha. Okay so I think I’m saying the darkened city, dirty and dangerous alleys and wicked fellas of the night all create this tangible world that you can see as real – due to the strong performances from all of the cast – yet recognize as being comic like, almost like panels from a strip BUT nowhere near as in your face as Sin City. Now I’ve never read The Crow, the comic which is the source material for the movie but you defo get the feeling this film has a solid awareness of its own identity. Some of the shots are just amazin. Draven playing guitar on the roof of his building, or out running the police along the rooftops to just the look of the character Lee put so much effort into creating for the screen. The film is a visual feast and it’s just made that much better by the fact it’s a really well made film.

Don’t be thinking it’s all doom and gloom either. Brandon Lee is great and manages to nail all of the anger and emotion while adding humor when it’s needed. The great Ernie Hudson is very good as officer Albrecht, a cop who begins to suspect The Crow and Draven may just be one and the same as the bodies begin to pile up. He adds a ton of charm and heart to the flick. The same can be said of Rochelle Davis character Sara, a young girl who Eric and Shelly looked out for. On the flip side you have the bad guys (and gal) and they’re great. Siblings Top Dollar and Myca are just crazy cats. REALLY messed up but so cool at the same time, played brilliantly by Michael Wincott (he always seems to play bad guys?!) and Bai Ling.

The Crow is truly a film which stands the test of time and while I was watching it last week I felt unease at the thought of the remake that’s constantly being talked about. I think what makes The Crow stand out is how it was a film of its time, all of the best qualities of that time came together to make something special and I don’t think you can recreate that. There’s too much to love about this movie, the color scheme, the score, soundtrack, action etc.

As always…if you ain’t seen this you gotta check it out. Avoid the sequels, from what I hear…they’re not too good, although having only seen Wicked Prayer (wasn’t horrible) I can’t really comment.

Mortal Kombat X BRUTALITIES return!

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Video Games

The classic finishers make a gory return to the franchise in over a 100 variations for all of the characters. Word has it that certain conditions have to be met in order to pull off these splat-tastic finishers and learning how will be half of the fun! Hopefully they’ll be easier to execute than they are in Mortal Kombat 3. I could never do them haha.

Now this is amazing hahah! This is a ‘bootleg’ Power Rangers short film directed by Joseph Khan and starring/co-written by James Van Der (I shit you not) Beek. Words can’t really do this justice haha. Just sit back and prepare to be shocked. The amaze Katee Sackhoff also stars as Kimberly. This short is so messed up. I love it. I want this film to be real, even if they are making fun of the trend to make everything dark and gritty now, I don’t care 🙂 annihilate

Impressive right? I’m glad to see Nash has all of his moves seemingly intact along with some handy teleport attacks. Defo looks like his play style has been given a little bit of a overhaul. As has the man himself, have you seen those freaky Frankenstein scars? What’s happened to you Charlie?? Is Guile out? Maybe. I’m happy to see Capcom are really throwing the doors open with Street Fighter V roster wise. Who makes it is anyone’s guess (although I think we can safely assume M.Bison is back going off that tease at the end of the video).

Also of note and what a note! – Street Fighter V will allow players Beta access when they pre-order the game. No word yet on when but hopefully soon! Are you digging the new Nash?

V: The Series

Posted: February 24, 2015 in TV

V: The Series is in equal parts shockingly progressive/camptastic/awful. Somehow all three manage to mold this show into one hell of watchable tale. Picking up after the Final Battle, the series was I assume the networks attempt to keep a good thing going and opting to produce a weekly series instead of the previous mini-series format the show had previously taken. Most of the core cast remain and bring their A game to proceedings but sadly the tone…oh my word what were they thinking ….is something all together different. Think Dynasty crossed with the original mini-series and this is what you have. The Visitors, once a oppressive threat have now been turned into these 80’s caricatures, who I won’t lie are shockingly watchable yet also vastly different than what came before. And the hair! Haha. Rule of thumb…the bigger the hairstyles get on V the more camp the show became. I still love it though.

It’s frustrating in many ways because the plot of the series, like the overall arc, has the Visitors launching a surprise attack and pretty much taking over the planet by the end of epiosde one. Leaving only L.A. (where else? Haha) as a free city. All thanks to this insane plot device which has this corporation, Science Frontiers, seemingly carry more weight than the worlds goverments combined. Seriously. Lane Smith’s Nathan Bates has more power than anyone! The idea of a free city lends some unique story telling options as we see how the battle is effecting people on a bigger scale. Whether it’s Mike and the resistance helping out towns with ammo runs outside of the safe zone or hackers attmepting to sabotage from the small back rooms of Visitor infested towns. The scope is widened, with the action given a boost too but it seems the budget took a hit and well when original cast memebers start being killed out of the blue or leaving town you know something isn’t right.

I have to highlight how even the camp stuff is so funny. The verbal battles that take place between Diana and her new foe Lydia are amazing. Like laugh out loud funny. And it’s not even bad acting, both actresses look like they are having a great time and are very good. It’s just so unexpected. Some creative decisions do bug me a little. On my re-watch I was surprised to find how little I care for Kyle Bates (the younger hero of the resistance) and the adult Elizabeth (Starchild). Nothing against the actors, they’re fine but their characters took too much of the focus away from the core cast, much more so as the show progressed. Not an easy reccomendation I’m afraid, see if you’re after somthing serious you won’t really get it here espechially during the later half of the series but if you enjoy camp and some fun action then it’s worth a watch. V wouldn’t get a second season. A shame because perhaps the showrunners may have been able to bring it back around to what made it so groundbreaking to begin with.

Forever Awesome Patirica Arquette Oscar win!

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Movies

Normally I wouldn’t even bother covering awards shows on here but it’s not everyday one of my (and many others) faves snags herself an Oscar. So mucho congratulations to Patricia Arquette. The beyond talented actress first impressed as Kristin Parker in Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors and would go on to star in the now classic True Romance. Over the years she has steadily built and built upon her body of work by working with some of the best in the industry. To be blunt, this gal never needed an Oscar to validate her worth but it certainly won’t hurt. She recently finished up a guest arc in Boardwalk Empire and it was her work in Boyhood which sealed the Oscar win. I haven’t seen the film yet to be honest, not really my type of movie but never the less congrats all around!

Comic Review: Kingdom Come

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Comics

I am going to be honest. Brutally honest. When I was younger and I first read Kingdom Come I did not care for it. Not a bit. I thought the storyline was boring and I ( I hope you’re sitting down) hated the art. “Why does everyone look so old and ordinary?” I asked my shallow self. It would take another several years, some life experience and general maturity before I would return to Kingdom Come and basically get my arse kicked and be left stunned by the excellence I’d just read. Yeah.

Mark Waid weaves a massive tale about generations. Those between the young and old and the human and superhuman. It’s a mind blowing look, all through the eyes of a ordinary guy, of the scale of these god-like beings that seem dangerously close to ruling over humanity with a less than heroic attitude. In simple terms, the true heroes of yesteryear – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc seem more than happy to leave the super stuff to the younger generation. Only issue being the youngsters don’t have the same regard for human life as their elders and now, after a national tragedy, need to be taught to toe the line by any means. And if humanity doesn’t like it? Then well….they can get right in line as well. Such are the arguments put forth in Kingdome Come. So compelling, with such organic arguments presented from each of the characters concerned over what is the right way to govern/rule/police/aid or simply let be.

Is it perfect? For what it is yes. It is. On a personnel level I would have liked to see more focus from time to time on some of the new characters, the descendants of the heroes and villains we all know and love if just to flesh them out a bit. Like…you will be scared of Wonder Woman and Superman as you read this, they are presented in a terrifying light and it makes you think. Batman, naturally, remains the calm in the storm yet his methods are by no means softer than those of his super allies. Out of all of the heroes though he probably comes out of this looking the least dictator like.

Any DC fan has beyond doubt read this. I’d urge anyone with even a causal idea of the characters to check this out. Of course the art was and is a sight to behold. Literally each panel is like a painting. Alex Ross is something else. The strain these titans of comic history have carried over the years is right there to see on their faces. It’s jaw dropping art. Kingdom Come is regarded – rightly so – as a classic and one of the best examples of the power of comics. Seek it out if you’ve never read it.

Well here he is in all his glory ladies and gents! Last night Zack Snyder gave the world their first glimpse of Jason Momoa in character as DC’s Aquaman. The character will make his debut in NEXT years (I am gutted they pushed it back) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m guessing his role will pretty much be what his poster is spelling out? Bringing together the Justice League. I’m all for this casting. He looks great, a little bit more like his Game of Thrones character than I would have liked (I’d have cut the hair off) but that’s just trivial. Are you happy with the latest addition to the cast?


Posted: February 20, 2015 in Movies

Now this was a movie I remember always seeing the trailer for back in the good old VHS days! Ha ha! I was beyond excited to see it and when I did finally it was like…the best film ever. Has time been kind to Sleepwalkers? Well for the most part yes, as it happens it has.

Sleepwalkers is a cool little movie from the mind of Stephen King and it’s about a mum/son pair of catfolk who like to dine on the souls of teenagers. Obviously, once the deed is done they have to high tail it out of town before they are found out, the film following the pair as they lay down some temp roots in the latest stop on their never ending feast.

The look of the creatures in their true form is impressive stuff with some interesting mythology to them. We get hints of their origins (ancient Egypt) and their powers (the ability to turn invisible/shape shift) as well as a fear of cats. Cats seem to be extremely harmful to them. Like seriously ….a few scarcthes and it’s game over. Which is a bit weird because they are basically cat like anyway but….no need to overthink it.

Sadly, the film looses focus as we move into the second act. It becomes a lot more jokey and looses some of it’s more darker edge. Maybe that’s what they were going for? I dun know. It’s a shame because if King had of kept the serious tone of the first act it could have been a lot better. It’s still fun. There’s some cool gore gags/kills and humour which lends the film a odd charm. And the acting is good across the board with strong leads (Twin Peaks legend Madchen Amick/ always great Alice Krige take a bow) likeable characters (the cop and his kitten are amaze) and there’s some laugh out loud moments I doubt were intentional but with King you never know. One has the mother on a rampage shooting at police cars with a flimsy hang gun. One bullet each – not even near the engine and BOOM the cars explode.

A curious film then. It earns points for being different and at least attempting something new. It also has a great score which gives the film a haunting tone for the most part. Give this one a shot. It’s fun.