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Not so much a new reveal as Kazumi has been – until now – Tekken 7’s final boss. Her play style looks fun and those tiger assists are cool. Kazumi will be available next week and after that it appears like there will be one more character reveal (unless Namco decides to add another row in the character select screen. Who knows?)

I had a feeling Kazumi was on the way due to a leak a few months back. Last I heard Namco were doing more work in order to change up the release of characters to keep the surprise element for the reveals but so far this doesn’t look to be the case, with no surprise reveals who hadn’t already leaked several weeks ago.

Due to those leaks I have a feeling I know who will be the next reveal but I won’t say now, let it be a surprise!


Comic Review: X-Men’92 Issue 1

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Comics
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Remember the awesome X-Men team from back in the 90’s? Do you remember the awesome X-Men cartoon from the same time period? Well this new digital series from Marvel, which links in to their massive Secret Wars/Battleworld event, is like a love letter to that time. Well worth checking out if you’re a fan. I’m not reading any of the other Secret Wars/Battleworld comics (yet) and I can say you don’t feel like you’re in the dark. It reads great as is. I can’t stress how good it was having womanizing Gambit back, fun and care free Rogue (woe is me Rogue, her current version, just doesn’t hold a candle to her amaze 90’s counter part). The art pops off the screen, the writing is solid and there’s a boss throwback to the first episode of the 90’s cartoon. One hell of a cliffhanger too. Can’t wait for issue 2.

Back in 1986 Marvel unleashed Mutant Massacre. A pretty dark tale in the X-Men’s history which saw a genetically enhanced mutant death squad known as the Marauders lay waste to the Morlocks, those sewer dwelling mutants who make lower Manhattan their home. Lives are lost and the era brought home just how unforgiving it could be to be a mutant.

This era of X-Books is still hazy for me. I’ve read The Dark Phoenix arc and some late 80’s stuff but yeah mostly I’m blind regarding this time peroid. Which is a shame because Mutant Massacre is one of the strongest X-arcs I’ve read.

Sure it can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with this era, due to the different teams running around. For example we have a de-powered Storm leading the X-Men, while Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and Angel are now going under the name of X-Factor. X-Factor – bear with me here haha – is a mutant liberating team POSING as a mutant hunting team whose overall goal is to track down and help high risk mutants. Then we have Mystique running around with her own squad who are working for the government in order to earn a pardon for past crimes, you also have the New Mutants who I guess were – at the time – meant to be the students who would be the next generation of X-Men moving forward. Cannonball, a favourite of mine, is amongst the that later group. Add in Thor – yes Thor – and Power Pack, who are like these insane kids who have super powers and run around at night like getting into all sorts of trouble, it’s a lot to take in. Oh AND my favourite X-Lady Psylocke gets her sort of intro into the main X-Men team. It’s pretty much jam-packed.

Writers Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson cover a lot of ground and don’t shy away from the deaths and the bleakness of the story. Characters die horrible deaths in this tale, it gets dark. We see Storm wrestling with her worth now that she has no powers (for now) which was cool and Wolverine gets an epic showdown with Sabertooth. It was good getting to see Psylocke’s journey too, as an initial outsider in awe of the X-Men and despite being ready and willing to step up and help she’s constantly knocked back until a fateful encounter with Sabertooth would seal her fate.

The X-Factor stuff is an eye opener aswell if like me you’re not that familiar with this era and with Angel in particular we get to witness the beginning of what will become a defining era of his life as an X-Man as well as the start of a bigger story featuring one of the X-Men’s most fearsome foes. All of the above held together by outstanding artwork throughout by John Romita Jr., Walter Siminonson and Sal Buscema.

Mutant Massacre is a vital part of the X-Men’s history and essential reading for any fan of Marvel’s mutants!


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I remember when I was a kid my older brother was going into the city and I asked him, begged him to get me a VHS of the Spider-Woman cartoon. This was back in the 80’s y’all. I ran right up to his room when I heard he was back, filled with excitement. “Did you get it?” I asked. At this point my excitement was at nuclear levels. He turned around and held out a bag which indeed contained a VHS. “No. But I did get you THIS!” he pulled Jaws out of the bag. I’d never been more disappointed in my entire life. What was this Jaws? Why was he so excited? What I didn’t realize was that my brother had done me a golden favour. He was about to introduce me to one of the most brilliant films ever made.

Steven Spielberg directed a classic. A killer great white shark decides to make the waters of holiday island Amity his home. Devouring islanders and holiday makers and pretty much making it his mission to ruin the July 4th celebrations. It falls to Sheriff Brody, shark expert Hooper and fisherman Quint to hunt down and destroy the shark before more lives are lost.

The cast is lead by Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. All three actors are amazing. Quint has the most interesting story but it’s Scheider who holds the film together. His performence holds the whole show together and you are behind him all the way. Shaws Quint steals a ton of scenes and has one hell of a arc while Dreyfuss unapologetic rich kid/scientist is beyond likeable despite being taken the wrong way by the islanders. They’re a good bunch and when they come together for the third act showdown it’s just a delight to hang out with these fellas.

Every film fan knows Jaws was lumbered with a ton of production difficulites, which I won’t go into here because none of them impact on the finished product. Spielberg is effortless at creating incredible sequences and Jaws is jam packed with hear stopping moments. The opening shark attack, a close call involving a dock, a terrifying pond attack and classic images with barrlels – yeah I know, barrels? Just watch the film and you’ll get it! To the final confrontation.

No Jaws review can ignore the chilling and equally exciting and now universal score by John Williams. It’s the stuff of cinema legend now and rightly so. It’s as important to the film as any other compononet. I love the setting, the 70’s vibe is just so cool and I kind of can’t believe the film still plays as fresh and current as it now reaches it’s 40th year. It’s a absolute testiment to all of the talent involved. Simply put one of the best movies ever made

Mad Max: Fury Road

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Movies
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Short review. Go and see what could be one of the most important action movies in a long time. Support it. Love it. To go in depth on this one would be a disservice. It needs to be seen as fresh as possible. My friend summed it up best I think when he told me “It’s like watching Terminator 2 for the first time”. Mad Max: Fury Road really is something special.

Street Fighter big bad M.Bison has been unleashed and he looks great. I love the effects that go along with his move set and that trench coat totally seals the deal. Great yet subtle new design. No word or tease on who will be the next reveal. If I had to guess I would say it will be Cammy and then some new characters taking their bow at Evo.

Jack-7 Tekken 7 ;)

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Video Games

It wouldn’t be Tekken without big old Jack and Namco agree. Here is the big guys reveal trailer. He looks the same, haha, I mean that’s Jack. So that’s cool. His rage art is pretty funny. I do like the glowing lights. I’m glad he’s in. He’s not a character I play but he’s always fun to fight against and some players can turn him into a deadly foe. I’ve been destroyed by more than one Jack player online over the years!

Who will be the next reveal?

So this trailer is off the rails. Literally this looks like a train to Crazy Town and I mean that in the best possible way. A collection of DC heroes and villains – Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Rip Hunter, The Atom, Firestorm, Vandal Savage and the White Canary – must unite against a immortal foe and his army and giant robots AND travel through time to battle the villains and fulfil their destiny as Legends of Tomorrow!

Just watch the trailer and be impressed. This looks like a whole load of fun.

Supergirl trailer

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Comics, TV

Here is a extended look at the new Supergirl TV show which is set to make its debut this November. At 6 minutes it’s pretty long for a trailer but it certainly does a good job of establishing the tone(s) of the show. Think The Devil Wears Prada mixed in a sci-fi stew. It works too which is the mind melding thing haha. I was quick to dismiss this show but after the trailer I’m more than willing to tune in, those special effects alone could be up on the big screen. Seriously impressive and I’d wager as the show progress it will focus more on the action and sci-fi.

It’s a shame DC has the movie and TV universe. It wouldn’t hurt to bring them together and would certainly work in the favour of the universe to allow all of these characters to expand and appear freely in one another’s shows/movies.

Here he is! I think he looks sick and I love those tentacles haha. Yoshi will be playable from May 12th. This brings the roster to 26 playable characters.

I’m thinking Namco may put a cap on it at 30 as they have said they want the roster to be smaller than previous games so new players aren’t put off by the usually massive roster.

Yoshimitsu brings a new look to every game he has appeared in to date and I think this is easily one of his best. I love it.