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The Paranormal Activity series is back from a longer than usual break and it looks as if (from this trailer at least) the wait for what is now confirmed to be the final in the series, has been worth it. I hope the film is as good as the others. I think over the years the Paranormal Activity films have shown great creativity in terms of film making and storytelling backed up by some genuine scares. Fair play to the film makers for deciding to tie up the loose ends and end the series. Better to go out with a bang than simply fade away.


Hi guys! So this is really exciting because the makers behind Independence Day II recently sat down to shed some light on the sequel from the set! I haven’t watched all of the above video but I’ve read some highlights (I don’t believe they go into spoilers so it should be okay to sit back and watch).

Of most interest was the reveal that Earth now has an Earth Defence global organisation as well as a moon base! The above set in the video is the actual moon base complete with awesome looking vehicles – moon buggies, hybrid fighter jets chief among them. There’s some good character info which brings us up to speed on what the returning characters have been up to over the past twenty years. Also the sub title – Resurgence. I guess it means the 90’s are back with a vengeance!! (or the aliens, it’s probably the aliens!)

I am really looking forward to this one. I still remember being terrified of the original when I was a thirteen year old. That fire wave sweeping through the city? OMG! NO! haha. I also love the idea that sequel will be on a much MUCH larger scale. Lets hope the film delivers. I think it will.

…it’s glorious and it’s on its way. Chances are we’ll all be playing this sometime next year. I’d imagine it would be because it would be a bit in poor taste in my opinion to get everyone hyped up and then be like “See y’all in 2017!” haha! Still it will be worth the wait I’m sure and at least it’s real.

90’s gamers know how big the original Final Fantasy VII was (still is to a lot of fans) and for many it was really the RPG to beat at the time. Is it the best entry in the series? I dun know about that. I’m a bit of a Final Fantasy nut and I’d say it’s certainly one of the best in the series. It’s a win win for everyone put it that way.

Well all of my favourite characters are now in the game so anyone else I love is just going to be a bonus! The new looks and moves on display are great. Check out the E3 reveal trailer above for a better idea of the damage these two will be dealing out!

If you’re a PC or PS4 owner you can head over to and register now for the BETA which will take place July 23rd-28th. Good luck! I hope I get picked.

The Shape is back and he has the FEAST, The Collector/The Collection team of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton shepherding his return! Dunstan will direct Halloween Returns from a script by himself and writing partner Melton. Anyone who has seen either of the Feast/Collector movies knows the movie is in good hands. These guys do not mess around.

Early plot details are being kept under wraps but early reports state the movie will see Mic on death row when all hell breaks loose. Another piece of bizarre but welcome news is Halloween Returns will be a sequel to the original Halloween 2 from 1981. What does it all mean? Will this be a total reboot of canon and the series or just a sly sequel fitted in between Halloween 2 and Halloween 4? Time will tell. With shooting set for July we can expect casting within the next few weeks.

Jurassic World

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Movies

I saw the movie yesterday and I am happy to say it is a more than worthy addition to the Jurassic Park series. I loved it and I am a Jurassic Park NUT! I saw the original in the cinema and it is without a doubt one of my favourite films ever made. Look with the new movies I don’t like going into them so much on here. Who wants to read about the best bits of a big new film before they see it? So I will just say it does the original movie proud and if you are a fan of the series I don’t think you can go wrong with this. Hope you all enjoy it!

Seems cool right? At first I thought it was a little bit complicated, with all of the different things on offer – I love playing these games but I don’t claim to be a fighter expert by any means – but after reading up on some first hand experience from folk who have been luckily enough to play the game it seems straight forward enough.

The current roster features Bison, Ryu, Chun Li and Nash. E3 is next week and I would say we can expect another few character reveals. There is still no locked release date or any indication of when pre-order BETA access will open up but as soon as that info is available I will be shouting it from the rooftops.

It’s nearly time to SCREAM

Posted: June 9, 2015 in TV

Here is the latest look at MTV’s Scream series. The more I see of this show the more I like the look of it. It would be a mistake to write this off as a quick rehash of a ‘name’ franchise. Anyone who watches Teen Wolf can confirm how good these kind of shows can turn out. This looks as if it could really deliver and I just hope it does. It could be a great show and believe me I was more than willing to hate the idea of Scream TV show.

I believe it hits UK screens on July 1st, one day later than the U.S.

Here she is. I’m sure all of the Tanya fans will be happy with how her final design has turned out. Truth be told she looks a lot better than I expected her to, her style looks solid and her reveal trailer is pretty epic. Check it out!

Tanya is available this week for season pass holders and for everyone else next week. Keep an eye on those Living Towers as one will be devoted to Tanya, allowing players to try her out before deciding whether to buy her or not.

Personally I lean towards not supporting DLC, certainly not paid DLC as far as fighting games go. I don’t believe you should have to pay for characters and so far I feel like the single release characters have been quite expensive but I’d consider picking them up down the road if the price drops considerably.