Mission Impossible

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Movies

Can you believe the first Mission Impossible movie is almost twenty years old? Well it is! I remember when it came out in the cinema and a school friend had been to see it. During I.T. class I got him to tell me all about it. Totally ruin the movie for myself but hey I needed to know! When I got around to seeing the film I still loved it. It’s a fantastic and clever movie and easily one of the best in the series, which sees it’s latest release with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, which is at a cinema near you now. Probably.

Mission Impossible came out the summer of ’96 and was directed by Brian De Palma. Tom Cruise stars as IMF agent Ethan Hunt. The purpose of IMF is to take on impossible missions that are beyond secret, so much so that if an agent is captured or killed the government will deny all knowledge of their existence. Ethan and his team start the flick by investigating a disc which if taken by the enemy would reveal the real names of fellow agents currently in deep cover all over the world. Let’s just say things don’t go to plan and leave it at that. One of the best parts of Mission Impossible are the many twists and turns and if  you haven’t see it I don’t wanna ruin the flick with this silly review haha.

You get to see some lovely looking European cities. De Palma capturing the stunning locations with his brilliant eye for detail and creating several beyond tense moments. Cruise and the cast are very good and play everything straight. Notable support coming from the always solid Ving Rhames, Jon Voight and Jean Reno. The rest of the cast all do good work and you may spot one or two famous faces in here beyond the core cast. It all adds to the fun of the film.

Action wise there ain’t much. Don’t get me wrong, there are action scenes but not the all out gun fights and car chases the later films in the series are known for. No, this is most assuredly an old style spy movie. One in which the reveals come with thought and patience. Objectives are obtained via well thought out and executed plans, one of the most intense and still iconic being the break into Langley. The finale does have a fitting and sudden all action pay off however which still impresses almost twenty years later.

The feel and tone of the first film is something I feel like none of the other films in the series have quite managed to capture again. Except maybe with Mission Impossible III which would be my favourite in the series to date. I’ve yet to see Rogue Nation but if it can somehow blend the smarts of one and the fun of three then it could be up there with this first flick and MI:III as the best the series has to offer.

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