The CW is heading to Crystal Lake!

Posted: August 12, 2015 in TV

This week the CW announced a Friday the 13th series is in development with an aim to go to pilot sometime next year I’d guess. By no means is this a confirmation that the CW has green lit a show to series. Simply put there is a show in development and it will likely go to pilot sometime in the future. It is still very early days.

Said show is said to follow a cop who finds himself in the town of Crystal Lake searching for his brother who has vanished while investigating the towns bloody history. The show is said to be a cross between True Detective and Twin Peaks. Haha. Neither of which screams CW so…it will be interesting to see how it all turns out if it goes to series. What is good is that CW is MASSIVE and it means some great exposure for the Friday The 13th franchise.

What worries me is how shows on the CW have massive episode counts. Long seasons which are tough to keep exciting. How many times has Supernatural re-used storylines over the past few seasons? A lot. I feel like a Friday The 13th series could be great but perhaps the CW may not be the best home for it.

At least there is movement on this…unlike the feature film side of things….

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