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So last week Sir Ridley Scott revealed the official title of the next chapter in the Prometheus saga and I call it a saga because he also basically laid out his plans for multiple sequels. The aim of said sequels will be to (eventually) tie in to the original Alien movie. That is one hell of a ambitious plan and part of me thinks it would be a good idea to just get there sooner rather than later rather than build an entire new series around it. Of course as with any movie(s) it will all depend on the execution and despite some issues (how hard is it to run left or right Shaw and Vickers?) I LOVED the scope of Prometheus. The story of the film was chilling in it’s scope and it certainly opened up the world allowing for more areas to be explored.

Back to Alien: Paradise Lost, Ridley explained it will share similar themes to the famed poem. I haven’t read Paradise Lost so I’m not sure what he means regarding the shared themes but I suspect it will be unpleasant for our returning heroes. Filming kicks off early next year with Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender starring. I’d love to announce that Charlize Theron will also be back but that could prove problematic.

Oh and Scott said that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5(sort of) is still going ahead and could shoot after Alien: Paradise Lost wraps. Truth be told I’d rather see Blomkamp’s movie first but hey isn’t it just great that we have a solid return to this world with great filmmakers at the helm?


What’s happening? Are they still together? Who was that at the end of the trailer? :O It’s all so mysterious and exciting!! And of course the answers to the above questions are pretty obvious if you watch that trailer. It offers just enough to give us an idea of the new landscape of the X-Files while at the same time keeping us mostly in the dark.

It’s a great trailer and I think this six episode return is going to allow for much more ground to be covered than any third movie ever could. Sadly there is still no UK air date for The X-Files. Let’s just all hope and pray Amazon doesn’t snap it up over here!

David Lynch will work with his Lost Highway star again in the third series of Twin Peaks. Getty joins the previously announced Amanda Seyfried. No news on who he will be playing, as expected there is quite a bit of mystery to the whole thing. I like Getty. He’s great in FEAST and Lost Highway so I am looking forward to seeing what he brings to the show.

Amanda Seyfried moves to Twin Peaks!

Posted: September 19, 2015 in TV

Twin Peaks season 3 is finally filming! After several stops and starts it seems safe to report on it now. I held off on news for the show for a while because it looked like it may not even happen. Now filming is underway and we have confirmation of our first new cast member in the form of Amanda Seyfried.

I love this casting. Based on her work to date she seems like she will be a great addition to the Twin Peaks world. No word yet on who she is playing except that it is a pivotal role. Best wait to see the show and be surprised. Twin Peaks MIGHT premiere in 2016. Depends on how long it takes. I’m just happy it’s happening.

Street Fighter V BETA thoughts

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Video Games

I was lucky enough to gain access to the recent Street Fighter V BETA. Here are my thoughts after spending some time with the game and having a long think on how I felt about the overall experience, while keeping in mind it is a game still in development and things can change.

First of all the Street Fighter III comparisons seem way off. I had read quite a bit of feedback before playing the game myself from players who felt the game had a Street Fighter III feel. I wouldn’t say it has, Street Fighter III still remains it’s own glorious beast. Looks wise you would be forgiven (and then punished haha) for thinking it would play similar to Street Fighter IV and again that is not the case. Street Fighter V is exactly what it needs to be. It’s own game with it’s own unique system.

Roster wise I only got to try out Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Birdie, Nash and Bison.

Birdie, despite being slow has a ease of access which allows you to dish out some powerful attacks that are great to see in action and I felt like he was a fun character, easy to use and someone you would return to from time to time. Those sort of slower characters aren’t my thing but I liked playing as him.

Ryu is pretty much Ryu. The guy we all know and love. I like him. He doesn’t need any radical changes and although he has some new moves he’s still the same all round classic.

Nash was my main during this BETA. A great update to a well liked character. His new look takes some getting used to, as does his shockingly slow-ish movement but once you get a handle on his movies it becomes clear why his movement is somewhat on the slow side. If this guy was flying around the screen he’d be an unstoppable beast. Easily one of the roster I’d like to learn inside and out.

Chun-Li is similar to Ryu. Nothing too drastic with how she plays except some of her inputs for moves have been changed (as is the case with Nash and Birdie) but once you get a handle on that it’s pretty easy to feel at ease with her.

Now Cammy, she moves like lightning! Her speed much more evident by the way Capcom has seemed to add weight to how other characters move. Her moves are like stabs, what she lacks in power she more than makes up for with her bolt like moves. Cammy has always been a fave character and I spent a lot of time with her during the BETA.

Bison is REALLY slow. I couldn’t believe it. He’s good and it adds some dread to his personality as he just stalks towards his prey but ….he’s like real slow. I don’t like it to be honest. He seemed the most changed out of the returning characters. I got used to him but I’d be put off playing as him online because unless you knew him inside and out I doubt you would stand a chance.

The BETA only allowed for online play and on that front it felt really solid. The one thing I hope they include in the finished game is a way in which a match search allows you to fight players at a similar level skill wise. Obviously there were many Street Fighter experts during this trial and I got my arse kicked more times than not haha. Overall the online felt really solid and you get to level up and gain fight money. When not fighting online you got placed in training mode and could try out moves but ’cause this was BETA you could not access the moves list for each character so I am more than aware my thoughts on each character may not be doing them justice as I never had access to their full move lists.

It took some time to get used to the new mechanic and skills the new system introduces. You 100% have to re-learn Street Fighter in some ways and that said I feel like that’s more of a compliment for a new entry in a series than a draw back. I am really looking forward to getting the full game next year.

Ah from the depths of limbo one of my fave Street Fighter characters has crawled up and made a butt kicking return to the series. As you can see from her reveal trailer Karin remains the hard hitting and aloof gal she’s always been and I love her re- design. Her stage looks incredible too. Karin is the reason why I never really warmed to Tekken’s Lilli who came across as a blatant rip off of Karin. Sorry Llili but it has to be said. It’s great to have Karin back and she for sure is one of the first characters I hope to main and re-learn.

Check out this guy, seems like he uses the wind through the aid of some tech to gain the advantage in battle! Very original, I like his design and I’ve watched some matches of him in action and he seems like a more than welcome addition to the cast. With rolls which allow him to quickly shift position, wall jumps and some pretty fast moves. After playing the BETA I think the roster needed another ‘quick’ character. He seems like a great addition to the world of Street Fighter. Word is that we are getting ANOTHER character reveal next week so here’s hoping!

From Dusk Till Dawn returned last week. Netflix UK is host to the UK premeire of the second season of the show based on bank robbers and vampires movie from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. My initital reaction to season one was mixed. As it covered the same events of the film it felt like a imitator but as the show continued it came into it’s own as it began to roll out more and more original content that really gave the show an edge and allowed it to stand on it’s own. The special effects on the vampire transformations are some of the best I’ve seen. The snake/human hybrids really are chilling and effective and original.

Season two picks up with a time jump which quickly re-introduces the lead players. The Gecko brothers are on different paths. The now un-dead Richie has teamned up with Santanico and the pair are hell bent on taking down the head vamps, Richie has never been more confident. On the flipside the once assured Seth has lost his way dealing with a drug habbit, being a fugative and having to look after Kate, the previous hostage of the brothers who has now really found her footing as she is on the warpath to get back to her un-dead brother and somehow save him. The characters all seem to have shifted around and these new arcs and directions give the start of season two a great boost of energy.

New cast additions include Esai Morales as Lord Amancio Malvado (his human skin face coat is horrid haha) and Danny Trejo as The Regulator. The Regulator appears to be an ancient warrior awakened by Malvado and set with the task of tracking down Santanico. Briana Evigan also stands out in her small role as a tattoo artist who has connections with the criminal world.

Robert Rodriguez directed this episode and he does a good job of kicking season two off with a solid sense of purpose. Now that the show is in totally it’s own territory and has eclipsed the movie it is going to be exciting to see what comes next for our characters. If you missed From Dusk Till Dawn or found it too similar to the movie I’d suggest going back to it and sticking with it. Once you pass the first several episodes the show really does come into it’s own. The whole of season one is available now on Netflix UK with season two episodes being added every wednesday.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 stand out R.Mika has returned (finally) from limbo. Last seen sixteen years ago, the popular character is making her welcome return and as you can see from her reveal trailer she is as outlandish as ever! Check out the trailer and look out for some thoughts on Street Fighter V soon. I’ve been lucky enough to have access to the BETA and I have had my expectations turned on their heads!