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Prison Break star Robert Knepper is the latest addition to Twin Peaks. A very welcome one at that. I have no idea who he is playing. Based on some of his well known previous roles (bad guys) it would be cool to see him play a good guy! Haha. Maybe he will. Whoever he ends up playing there is no denying the guys talent.


He is a legacy character and as far as I am concerned Capcom can put as many legacy characters into Street Fighter V as they like. Any of the original Street Fighter II cast warrants a place on the roster. I know some people are getting annoyed by the lack of Street Fighter III characters but remember fans got a lot of Street Fighter III characters in Street Fighter IV (eventually) and I’m sure they will get more in Street Fighter V. They just might have to wait for DLC.

You guys may have seen Laura. She was leaked today but since she is a leak I am holding off on her until her official reveal trailer.

As for Zangief well I think he looks great but he wouldn’t be a character I’d use. I bet a lot of fans are happy to see him back though.