Resident Evil 4, 5 & 6 heading to PS4 & X Box One

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Video Games

Resident Evil 6 is first up on March 29th. Resident Evil 5 will follow in the summer and Resident Evil 4 will be the last out of the gate in the autumn.

Right now each game will be a digital release priced at £15.99 each. Capcom have said that on disc versions will follow.

Very good news for anyone who hasn’t played the later games in the series. Not so great for those of us who have. The only reason I can see for picking up any of these is if you’ve got rid of your last gen hardware. Right now there doesn’t appear to be any added features or improved graphics.

Either way it’s good to have the option of owning the entire series on one system. My spider sense is telling me this may not be the only Resident Evil announcement this year. Could the 20th anniversary of the series be leading up to a new big reveal at this years E3?

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