You’re all doomed! Four more board Alien: Covenant

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Movies



First up is Jussie Smollett who is best known for his work on TV series Empire. Out of the four Smollett is who I am more aware of having watched a few episodes of Empire.

Joining him are a trio of ladies including Amy Seimetz (The Killing).


Carmen Ejogo (Selma)


…and Callie Hernandez (From Dusk Till Dawn).


Hernandez is probably the least known out of the new faces. Could this be a breakout role for her or will the majority of the new cast simply be on borrowed time? What is interesting about how the casting is coming together is the lack of big names. Scott could (and should in my opinion) be returning to the mystery of Alien. By that I mean we have no idea who the lead is or who will survive.

A lot of sites are reporting the great Billy Crudup is “in talks” (urgh) for a role. Don’t like that sort of article. I bet a lot of actors are always “in talks” for a role. I’ll wait for confirmation.

Alien: Covenant arrives next year.

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