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Nintendo NX launches March 2017

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Video Games
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Nintendo confirmed today that their new console the NX will launch next March. No other details are available at this time except the console will have a global launch and the new Zelda game that is currently in development for the Wii U will be an NX launch game. Nintendo has pointed out the Wii U version will still launch alongside the NX port.

Is this make or break for Nintendo? I hope not. Ideally I hope they blow us all away. The best way to do this will be an incredible launch line up and starting with Zelda is a great way to kick that off. Reports state that a Smash Bros. game is slated to launch on the console but whether or not that will be an upgraded port of the Wii U game is not known. If it was up to me I would launch strong with a new Metroid & F Zero. Constant first party support is key for the NX.

Nintendo have said the NX will not be shown at E3 this year. Instead the focus will be on Zelda. I hope the console isn’t revealed during their own streams. Why they have decided to ignore E3 is confusing. Surely they’d want the biggest audience possible to know their new machine is on the way?

Are you excited for the NX? I am.



Here is the latest (& final?) trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence. Easily one of my (if not THE) most anticipated film of the summer for me.

This latest trailer shows us quite a bit more of how Earth has managed to make use of the alien tech that was left behind and the results are impressive. Despite being set in the present the film has a proper futuristic look. We get glimpses of the old and new characters and a clear idea of what is at stake this time out (everything pretty much haha). The trailer is jam packed with money shots and my one concern is the film hasn’t shown us everything. I hope there’s a ton of stuff they’re holding back.

I miss these kind of blockbusters. I’m delighted to have a sequel to one of my fave films and from the looks of the trailer it will have been worth the twenty year wait. Best film ever? I doubt it. But a fun summer blockbuster? I hope so.

The film hits UK screens June 23rd!


Entertainment Weekly and Lionsgate have revealed the first exclusive look at Elizabeth Banks as Power Rangers space witch Rita Repulsa! First thought I had when I saw this pic was “Okay….okay…kind of has a Scorpina thing going on with that costume….”. The elephant in the room is that this Power Rangers reboot is most certainly going to be it’s own thing. Now I’m okay with that. Totally. Let’s do it. Let’s take these much loved characters and put a unique stamp on them.

What is the most important thing is that the film is good and the characters at least ring true to their originals at their core. Otherwise the filmmakers may as well have made a different movie OR not used Rita or the original Rangers for this reboot. Mix it up. Add some new story elements here and there. I’m all for that. Just keep the essence of the characters front and centre.

Time will tell. Are you digging this new look Rita Repulsa?

Guile is the latest legacy character to join the Street Fighter V roster. From the looks of the trailer he’s been given a bit of an update. I like his new costume and it’s cool to see Guile’s classic Street Fighter II stage. The airfield is one of the more iconic Street Fighter stages. Guile will be available in the April update which rolls out soon. He will be free for a while until the guys at Capcom have figured out how to get the in-game store up and running. Still no news on offline features. No I still haven’t bought the game and that is the tragedy here. I have the money. More than willing to give it to Capcom and I can not understand why they decided to cater to online play so much. That’s off topic. Sorry. So yeah. Guile. Awesome.


Hello fellow frustrated and impatient Freddy, Jason & Michael fans! I thought I’d give an update on each of the big three slasher franchies and where they stand right now. So what movement there is (or not) on any of the above and what the latest up to date info is on each of them. Look I know the feeling, you get to read a bunch of rumours or supposed start dates for these movies and then everything goes real quiet for like five years. No joke. So onto the news.

First up we have Halloween. Now last we heard Halloween Returns was set to shoot last year with a release date set for this Halloween. Well we can forget about that. It’s dead. Dimension films have lost the rights. As of right now no other studio has bought them and the project isn’t likely to go ahead even if the series finds a new home. Shame.

Moving onto Friday The 13th Part XIII. This film has died and came back to life almost as many times as Jason himself! The latest is this. There’s a script. It’s set in the 1980’s. It won’t be found footage and I kind of don’t care anymore because there’s no director, there’s no confirmed start date and they’ve now passed on TWO (what were meant to be) great scripts. The film has a release window for next year which is as likely as happening as the mean girl is to survive an 80’s slasher movie.

Finally onto Elm Street. No date. No director. No news…except for this. Somewhere in L.A. right now somone is working away on the next A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s happening. It’s being written. My guess is that after the absolute mess of the last movie New Line will be taking their time with this new reboot, remake, sequel or whatever the hell it ends up being.

That’s all the big franchise news right now. You know me and how this blog works. I don’t do click bait or post wild speculation or rumours like a lot of the bigger sites because there is nothing more annoying. I’ll give you the facts and like ’em or hate ’em this is where the big three stand right now.



A few years ago Devils Due Publishing put out some outstanding Halloween tie in comics. Over the next few months I’ll be taking a look at their output. If you are a fan of Halloween they are total must reads. First up is The First Death of Laurie Strode.

The story takes place after the events of the original Halloween II. Laurie is trying to come to terms with the revelations surrounding her connection to the Shape and why she was targeted. Factor in the grief and responsibility she carries in regards to those who lost their lives and how she is treated as a result, in fact how the entire town of Haddonfield now seems to have been shaken to it’s core by the slaughter that erupted on Halloween 1978 and you get a truly chilling tale.

What is so great about this comic(s) is the little details. A store owner disgusted at the sight of the Shape masks he’d been selling. Can’t stand to even have them around so he tosses them out. Or how Jimmy’s (a fellow survivor from Halloween II)  mum is SO passive aggressive towards Laurie. She blames her for Jimmy’s current state of life (he’d suffered a head injury and can’t sleep at all or work now as a result). Little moments like this elevate this from a simple slasher comic tie in. There are truly chilling flashbacks into the Shape’s past that only add to the scare factor and a standout call back to the original movie in issue 2 which I won’t spoil.

As a fan of the Halloween series it’s bitter sweet. This reads like an ideal Halloween 3 (or 4. I have no problem with the stand alone Halloween 3). Point being this could have been an incredible movie which filled in some gaps as to why and how Laurie took herself out of the Shape’s path during the later movies.

The writing and art are excellent. The creative team knows this universe and have nothing but respect for the tone the original movie captured so perfectly. If Halloween First Death of Laurie Strode and Nightdance (another brilliant series) had made the leap to film Halloween would be potentially THE franchise to beat. As it stands there’s a few too many disappointing entries into the film series as a whole.

Sadly the publisher either lost the rights or ran into financial issues (I’m not too sure on the what happened) as First Death of Laurie Strode was set to be a three issue event. Unfortunately only the first two issues saw the light of day which is a real shame. It ends on one hell of a cliffhanger but then even the two issues we did get are more than worth the loss. Highly recommended.


David Ayer’s Suicide Squad…look at this trailer. It’s insane and gorgeous and brilliant and funny and action packed. It’s full of characters we have yet to see realised on the big screen and for that alone it warranted interest but the fact the film looks great is the icing on the cake.

Time to be honest. This is legit my most anticipated movie of the year. I want this to just deliver on all the mayhem and the fun from that trailer. I want a crazy fun action movie. As I’ve said on here before I’m not asking for the best comic book movie ever but just give me a solid bit of action packed fun. That’s all I want. Get excited for this because even if it doesn’t live up to the promise of the trailers you can rest assured we probably won’t be bored.

Lucas Film and Disney have lifted the lid off Rogue One and released the first trailer for the film and what a trailer it is! From the start fans were told the Star Wars Story movies would offer insights into this universe we don’t normally get to see and the trailer more than delivers on that promise.

Look I wasn’t sure how this anthology angle was going to turn out and I wasn’t sold on Edwards either despite being a fan of his work to date. What I heard about Rogue One was it would offer a gritty and realistic look into the how the Rebel Alliance was able to obtain the plans to the Death Star. I felt it was a beyond obvious plot point to use as the first template for the anthology series and I was dreading hand held shaky cam galore. Based on that trailer I am delighted (and hope the film delivers this home) to be proved wrong.

Oh and Felicity Jones? Based on that trailer alone I think her character may just be my new favourite Star Wars character. The attitude! Love it.

Gareth Edwards (Godzilla and the horribly underrated Monsters) directs Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The film stars Felicity Jones, Mad Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Forest Whitaker and Donnie Yen.

This trailer is amazing.

The film hits our screens December 16th.


Okay so I wanted to get this up ASAP as the season came to a close on the weekend. I just needed some time to gather my thoughts on the second season of Rebels as a whole. First of all the show has grown. The scope of Rebels is a lot bigger than it was in the first season and we get a lot more focus on the central rebel faction who we are introduced to through Ahsoka Tano. The different components which make up the rebel alliance. How they decide what missions to take on and the reality of having to always stay one step ahead of the empire.

Some of the focus moves away from our core group of heroes. Zeb suffering the most as a result of the expanded universe. He vanishes for a handful of episodes and I found myself missing him, never even knew I liked Zeb so much until he was gone. Haha. Captain Rex makes a welcome return, crossing over from Clone Wars into Rebels. Look  I’ve been a fan of Rex since Clone Wars and I loved the insight into the Clones and how they functioned as a team and individually which that show gave us. Ahsoka on the other hand only appears in a handful of episodes despite being featured heavily in the promo’s leading up to season two. I have never been a massive of this character and this continues to be the case AND I’m totally okay with that. I don’t like her. Sorry. Now I’ll give her this; her arc is good and she comes into her own in the epic and brutal season finale but whatever impact she may have made is rendered void by a cop out, in my eyes anyway, showdown which leaves her literally and thematically searching for purpose. In short I’d have just killed her and had done with it.

There’s a lot of cool stuff in season two. Sarah Michelle Gellar gives voice to one of two new Inquisitors. Gellar’s Seventh Sister and her fellow agent of the dark side Fifth Brother fill the void left by the amazing Inquisitor from last season. While they don’t really add any new story beats regarding the origin of the Inquisitors or how they function (like are they Sith or what? :/ ) they provide a solid threat throughout. Darth Vader makes his presence known too and while he’s kept back for the most part it’s with a sense of total awe you watch when he is finally let loose on our heroes.

Darker than season one with one episode seeing potential Jedi infants being hunted down by the Inquisitors. The two part season finale is a total bloodbath too haha. Just no messing around. BAM. DEAD. Haha. I was surprised by that actually but it worked well. THE highlight of the season by far is the return of Darth Maul and his voice actor Sam Witwer does incredible work. We know that he can’t be trusted and once we see him paired with Ezra we can tell it’s a dark path our hero is heading down because obviously Ezra has no idea who this guy is or what he wants. Glimpses into the Old Republic are fed to the viewer and I loved that, it’s an area of Star Wars I know very little about but what I have saw, even from just the look of the era, has me excited to see more of this part of Star Wars history explored.

As for our main heroes, well Kanan pretty much stays one note throughout in his master role but by seasons end we know that may be about to shift going into season 3. Hera takes on a more focal role in the rebel army and her family gets some exploration but it’s pretty much by the numbers stuff (doesn’t get on with her dad. Yawn) while Sabine remains woefully underdeveloped. Not so much her character but what she’s about. We get to meet someone from her past but it doesn’t offer much. Zeb, despite going A.W.O.L. for a short time, does get a bit of focus and more precise his people the Lesat and what actually went down when they were wiped out. Ezra is fully embracing his training but by seasons end the show runner Dave Filoni teases a twist, well potential twist, regarding how he will develop moving forward which felt lazy. Are the writers really going down the Anakin road again but with Ezra? I got no interest in that and hope that isn’t the case but it certainly seems to be so. That said if they bring back Maul which they most certainly will I’ll be back too.


Daredevil Season II

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Comics, TV


Daredevil Season 2 has arrived. Easily one of the most anticipated shows of the year for me after being bowled over by the darkly brilliant first season. As I have said before I’m not a reader of the comics. I just base my feelings on what the show delivers and I went into this second season with the same mind-set.

Sadly and I hate that I’m even writing this, but sadly season 2 is a mixed bag. Okay. Overall it’s a great season but not as tight or well crafted as the first. Case in point when it begins we meet our first big new character in the form of Frank Castle aka The Punisher. His opening episodes serve as an origin story for this fan fave and the arc is really well done. We shift gears once Elektra enters the picture, her being the second big new player and I will stress any negativity I feel has nothing to do with Elektra. Her stuff is great it’s just bad timing my feelings started to shift when she arrives.

The Punisher episodes leading up to Elektra are brilliant but once his first arc is wrapped up the tone shifts and we begin to focus more of the legal realities of men and women taking the law into their own hands. I understand that because Matt is a lawyer the legal side of his life plays a big role in the comics but I felt the pace of the show came to a screehing halt. Thankfull Elektra was on hand to liven things up when Matt wasn’t in the courtroom. This next point is not aimed at the actress, she’s fine, but my word! Karen Page should not have so much focus. I understand the show wants to give the acrtess somthing to do but when all that amounts to is crying and being constantly one step behind our heros it’s really frurstrating to have to spend so much time in her company. The same has to be said of Matt/Daredevils BFF Froggy. His moaning and constant questioning of Matt got old real quick.

For a show called Daredevil the main man himself ALMOST (but never does thanks to the excellent acting weight of Charlie Cox) becomes a side player in his own show. I think it’s fair to say the show makers were a lot more interested in Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher than their main guy this season. That’s warranted because The Punisher is a big deal and Bernthal is a force of nature but to loose sight of Matt/Daredevil is a mistake. It’s his show. Elodie Yung really shines as Elektra. For such a deadly and cold blooded character she brings a lot of fun to the show. Vincent D’Onofrio is greatly missed. His Wilson Fisk was my favourite aspect of the first season and I’d have taken him back over The Punisher any day. Sorry Frank. But I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Fisk back and better than ever in the next season. Same goes for Rosario Dawson despite being involved in one of the best set pieces from the show to date. I actually fist pumed during her big moment which I will not ruin. Epic.

I did like the Hand story points and the supernatural elements they brought along. Felt they painted this great contrast witht the gritty Hell’s Kitchen setting. Naturally The Punisher annihilating criminals was a sight to behold and at times the show got really violent. Like SUPER gory. No way you’d let your tweens watch this! Daredevil and Elektra team ups worked a treat too and her ultimate arc was a great twist and I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

In conclusion this was still a strong second season but I hope next year Matt is back front and centre, there’s a little less moaning/crying from the non-heroes and whatever new big supes we get are fit around Daredevil and not the other way around. Good day!