Star Wars Rebels Season 2 SPOILERS!!

Posted: April 6, 2016 in TV
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Okay so I wanted to get this up ASAP as the season came to a close on the weekend. I just needed some time to gather my thoughts on the second season of Rebels as a whole. First of all the show has grown. The scope of Rebels is a lot bigger than it was in the first season and we get a lot more focus on the central rebel faction who we are introduced to through Ahsoka Tano. The different components which make up the rebel alliance. How they decide what missions to take on and the reality of having to always stay one step ahead of the empire.

Some of the focus moves away from our core group of heroes. Zeb suffering the most as a result of the expanded universe. He vanishes for a handful of episodes and I found myself missing him, never even knew I liked Zeb so much until he was gone. Haha. Captain Rex makes a welcome return, crossing over from Clone Wars into Rebels. Look  I’ve been a fan of Rex since Clone Wars and I loved the insight into the Clones and how they functioned as a team and individually which that show gave us. Ahsoka on the other hand only appears in a handful of episodes despite being featured heavily in the promo’s leading up to season two. I have never been a massive of this character and this continues to be the case AND I’m totally okay with that. I don’t like her. Sorry. Now I’ll give her this; her arc is good and she comes into her own in the epic and brutal season finale but whatever impact she may have made is rendered void by a cop out, in my eyes anyway, showdown which leaves her literally and thematically searching for purpose. In short I’d have just killed her and had done with it.

There’s a lot of cool stuff in season two. Sarah Michelle Gellar gives voice to one of two new Inquisitors. Gellar’s Seventh Sister and her fellow agent of the dark side Fifth Brother fill the void left by the amazing Inquisitor from last season. While they don’t really add any new story beats regarding the origin of the Inquisitors or how they function (like are they Sith or what? :/ ) they provide a solid threat throughout. Darth Vader makes his presence known too and while he’s kept back for the most part it’s with a sense of total awe you watch when he is finally let loose on our heroes.

Darker than season one with one episode seeing potential Jedi infants being hunted down by the Inquisitors. The two part season finale is a total bloodbath too haha. Just no messing around. BAM. DEAD. Haha. I was surprised by that actually but it worked well. THE highlight of the season by far is the return of Darth Maul and his voice actor Sam Witwer does incredible work. We know that he can’t be trusted and once we see him paired with Ezra we can tell it’s a dark path our hero is heading down because obviously Ezra has no idea who this guy is or what he wants. Glimpses into the Old Republic are fed to the viewer and I loved that, it’s an area of Star Wars I know very little about but what I have saw, even from just the look of the era, has me excited to see more of this part of Star Wars history explored.

As for our main heroes, well Kanan pretty much stays one note throughout in his master role but by seasons end we know that may be about to shift going into season 3. Hera takes on a more focal role in the rebel army and her family gets some exploration but it’s pretty much by the numbers stuff (doesn’t get on with her dad. Yawn) while Sabine remains woefully underdeveloped. Not so much her character but what she’s about. We get to meet someone from her past but it doesn’t offer much. Zeb, despite going A.W.O.L. for a short time, does get a bit of focus and more precise his people the Lesat and what actually went down when they were wiped out. Ezra is fully embracing his training but by seasons end the show runner Dave Filoni teases a twist, well potential twist, regarding how he will develop moving forward which felt lazy. Are the writers really going down the Anakin road again but with Ezra? I got no interest in that and hope that isn’t the case but it certainly seems to be so. That said if they bring back Maul which they most certainly will I’ll be back too.


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