After 10,000 years I’ve had a makeover!!

Posted: April 20, 2016 in Movies, TV


Entertainment Weekly and Lionsgate have revealed the first exclusive look at Elizabeth Banks as Power Rangers space witch Rita Repulsa! First thought I had when I saw this pic was “Okay….okay…kind of has a Scorpina thing going on with that costume….”. The elephant in the room is that this Power Rangers reboot is most certainly going to be it’s own thing. Now I’m okay with that. Totally. Let’s do it. Let’s take these much loved characters and put a unique stamp on them.

What is the most important thing is that the film is good and the characters at least ring true to their originals at their core. Otherwise the filmmakers may as well have made a different movie OR not used Rita or the original Rangers for this reboot. Mix it up. Add some new story elements here and there. I’m all for that. Just keep the essence of the characters front and centre.

Time will tell. Are you digging this new look Rita Repulsa?

  1. ReyShelley says:

    Not sure if this new look as me “excited” but, I am all for something new! With great writing and acting, anything can work!


    • Hella Movies says:

      Exactly. I knew it would be different, her and the suits are a dead cert they are going in that direction. But most important is a great script, direction and great characters and if we get that then that’s all you can ask for.

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