Independence Day: Resurgence trailer destroys everything!

Posted: April 23, 2016 in Movies
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Here is the latest (& final?) trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence. Easily one of my (if not THE) most anticipated film of the summer for me.

This latest trailer shows us quite a bit more of how Earth has managed to make use of the alien tech that was left behind and the results are impressive. Despite being set in the present the film has a proper futuristic look. We get glimpses of the old and new characters and a clear idea of what is at stake this time out (everything pretty much haha). The trailer is jam packed with money shots and my one concern is the film hasn’t shown us everything. I hope there’s a ton of stuff they’re holding back.

I miss these kind of blockbusters. I’m delighted to have a sequel to one of my fave films and from the looks of the trailer it will have been worth the twenty year wait. Best film ever? I doubt it. But a fun summer blockbuster? I hope so.

The film hits UK screens June 23rd!

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