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Cut to the chase. Not likely happening any more. The CW ordered it’s pilots for this season and Friday The 13th was not listed among them. That means it won’t be out this year when the new shows hit. If you’re a big Friday The 13th fan here is my advice; forget about this show. It’s easier to reckon it never worked out instead of fooling for constant no news click bait articles aimed at you. The only news on this project is there is NO news. It’s dead. It’s easier to just see it that way. That way if it does pop up down the road (I mean pilot ordered, actors cast, actually films….which helps) you can be pleasantly surprised.

Friday The 13th CW hits our screens April 20th 200Never

Back in the 90’s Square Enix was known as Squaresoft and Final Fantasy was (not arguably, but was without a doubt) at it’s peak. Final Fantasy VI is an incredible experience over 20 years later, Final Fantasy VII brought the RPG genre to the masses and into the mainstream, Final Fantasy VIII & IX blew gamers away through their sheer excellence.

As the series moved into the 00’s things took a turn. Sorry fans but Final Fantasy X was a warning sign that the series was moving away from what made it so magical to begin with. It’s bland cast and linear gameplay made me feel like I’d been short changed. My faith in the series was reaffirmed with the excellent and woefully underrated Final Fantasy XII but then once again the series would move to a more cinematic and strictly linear style with Final Fantasy XIII.

Now. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think Final Fantasy X & XIII are bad games. They are not. But they are disappointing Final Fantasy games and if you think the opposite then you need to go back further and explore the excellence and freedom of the earlier games.

Final Fantasy XV will be released this September. There is a LOT riding on its shoulders. Have Square Enix done enough to put the series back on the map? Time will tell. Judging from the massive press blow out yesterday which saw the announcement of a tie in movie and anime series one can assume Square really need this game to deliver. In order to do so it will need to deliver what made the series so magical to begin with.

Right now there is a demo available on the PSN store which gives the player a tiny glimpse of what the game has to offer. I’ve played it. It’s….interesting. The combat gives the player a lot of freedom and fluid options but the response time isn’t as tight as perhaps the options would require to be executed fluidly. The ability to hook-shot around during battle is messy at best. The driving also felt chunky and unresponsive to a degree. The game looks stunning and the environments are breath-taking with general attacks during battle feeling responsive and the same can be said for defence …most of the time. Again during the demos boss battle it was all a bit messy.

I am rooting for Final Fantasy XV. We’ve been watching it’s development for over a decade now. I’m not expecting the best game ever nor do I want the best Final Fantasy ever. I just want a game that feels and plays like the entries I grew up with.