Assassin’s Creed trailer is unleashed!!

Posted: May 28, 2016 in Movies, Video Games

Now here is a pretty neat look at the film adaptation of Assassin’s Creed. ‘Creed is of course the long running video game franchise which has taken a year out this year with no new release due. Instead we have the movie. I think the film looks stunning. Visuals are unique and you get some shots which look as if they’ve been taken straight from the game.

I’m not familiar with the director but ‘obvs Michael Fassbender is a stamp of quality. His involvement has me hopeful this will be a solid movie regardless of the whole adapted from a video game thing. I like the games. I’ve played through the original up to part 3 but didn’t bother to finish that one. Funnily enough I have just picked up Syndicate and I’m digging it. So yeah I’m all for the movie and it’s a surprise it’s happened at all because it was in development for years. I honestly felt like this wasn’t going to happen. Or would but would be awful and not star Michael Fassbender.

Assassin’s Creed spins the tale of a death row inmate given another shot at life via the questionable experiments of a organization who use a machine which allows the user to experience the memories of their ancestors. Basically they’re looking for something in the distant past that will help them achieve something in the here and now. Probably something bad too.

The film hits the screens this Christmas.

  1. FlickBox says:

    I hope this movie works !

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