Justice League Comic Con Teaser

Posted: July 24, 2016 in Comics, Movies

Comic Con fans were spoilt yesterday. Not only did they get a Wonder Woman trailer but Warner Brothers/DC gave ’em a exclusive first look at footage (it is more of a footage tease than an actual teaser trailer) of Justice League! Considering the film is still shooting I think the footage on display is impressive. We get a good look at the tone (fun), a hint of the threat and some new characters such as Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg! The film is still over a year away but I look forward to another teaser trailer maybe later this year. I liked the interaction between the characters. It’s nice to see Batman a bit more mellow-ish and able to crack a smile.

Out of the DC movies to date (the post Nolan era) I have only seen Man of Steel ( I liked it in case you are wondering!) and I have to say I am rooting for ’em. I love Marvel too. You can like everything! It is just Marvel are ALWAYS good. It’s bit boring now. No not boring. Those films are great! I think you know what I mean though. Marvel are very SAFE. Which is boss but some serious competition is always a good thing and I hope the DC movie universe manages to be just that moving forward.



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