Dawn of Justice (theatrical cut)

Posted: August 4, 2016 in Movies
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Wow. Sometimes the internet can get carried away with itself. That is my take away from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’d heard about the mixed reaction; Batman killing! Superman looking down on humanity! Batman branding/torturing criminals! This ‘Martha’ scene (which I felt made total sense within the context of the scene). All blown way out of proportion in my useless opinion. This DC comics fan had a great time.

I loved Dawn of Justice. It’s a bold movie that is very much it’s own take on Batman, Superman and co. The tone that Snyder established in Man of Steel carries over into Dawn of Justice. It feels grounded. Bruce Wayne’s outright horror at the destruction of Metropolis is chilling. The opening of this movie is heart pounding, that sense of dread and urgency carries over to the rest of the action scenes. Snyder and Affleck’s Batman is more terrifying in the limited screen time he has in this than he was in any of Nolan’s movies – not to knock them, I enjoy them but this was the Batman I had been waiting for. He is scary and out for blood. I’m a comic reader and I had no problem with him killing. It’s not like he’s turned into The Punisher all of sudden.  Snyder knocks the Batmobile chase sequence out of the park, plainly put I was in Batman heaven. Ben Affleck is a brilliant Batman and I hope we get a solo movie sooner rather than later.

Cavil’s Superman works well when he is in full on Kal-El mode. It’s cool seeing him question his role on our world and explore his inner turmoil. Dawn of Justice asks should Superman be accountable for the accidents his heroics may have caused? I loved all of that. I’d never seen Superman presented in that sort of light. You go back and watch Man of Steel (the climax of which plays a huge role in Superman’s arc in Dawn of Justice) and the death count as a result of Zod and Superman’s battle must be in the thousands! That idea of a nation divided – some see Superman as a saviour while there are others (like Batman) who see him as a serious threat that must be dealt with. That sort of stuff is great and works as another plus point in favour of the movie.

Gal Gadot makes a impression as Wonder Woman in her limited role when you realise how little screen time she actually has in the film. Gadot gives the character strength. From the first moment you see her she hooks you with an air of mystery and more than delivers when the time comes to kick into full on action heroine mode. Diane Lane and Amy Adams as Martha Kent and Lois Lane both return from Man of Steel and do good work yet again. The real surprise of the film for me was Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor! I knew from the trailer he was gonna be an eccentric take on Lex! In my opinion he nailed it. I didn’t even think it was this new take on Luthor. It IS Lex. He is cunning, his intelligence so great you can sense the frustration he feels at those who aren’t as smart as him, his ruthlessness and the jealousy he has towards the unkown in the form of Superman.

Closing thoughts? The score for the film is excellent. I love Wonder Woman’s theme. It is already iconic. Snyder does more than well with the direction, the acting is solid all across the board (shout out to Holly Hunter & Laurence Fishburne) and the climax is epic! Any drawbacks? I’d have loved if we’d got a scene (maybe replacing the opening flashback?) showing the audience what happened to Robin and a closer look at Gotham City too. I hope when we finally get there proper in whatever future DC movie that happens to be we get a Gotham more iconic than what we have in the Nolan Batverse.

So after all the hype, the mixed reactions and the wait I’m made up with Dawn of Justice. It’s a great comic book movie and I still have yet to see the extended edition which is meant to be even better!! So depending on how different that plays I may take a look at that on here!

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