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Logan teaser trailer

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Movies
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Get those tissues ready because Logan looks like it is going to be a tearjerker! I don’t think everyone is getting out of this movie alive. Director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman look to be giving Wolverine’s last outing a sombre tone. Factor in that Johnny Cash ‘Hurt’ track and I’m loving what the trailer is showing.

X-Man fans can catch glimpses of many classic characters such as fan favourites X-23, Professor X, Caliban and the mutant killers the Reavers! I questioned the whereabouts of the rest of the X-Men while all this dark stuff is going down and a line of dialogue in the trailer pretty much clears that up. Don’t get your hopes expecting any Cyclops or Storm cameo’s folks!

Logan hits cinema screens next March. Get excited because I don’t think this one will be a letdown.


After months and months of anticipation Nintendo have pulled the curtain and revealed their brand new games console Nintendo Switch (aka Nintendo NX).

What we see in the footage is pretty much what we already knew based on leaks and rumours. The system is a hybrid that will act as a console dock for when you’re playing at home and a hand held device for when you’re on the move. The trailer explains is really well, much better than me! Take a look. Are you excited? I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it launches next March.

I think this is a logical next step for Nintendo. Their handheld systems are a massive hit so it makes sense for them to blend the home console and the handheld. Time will tell if this move will pay off.

Behind the scenes of…Twin Peaks!!

Posted: October 19, 2016 in TV

Sorry Marvel. Sorry Star Wars. Sorry DC. Forget about Westwold. Compared to Twin Peaks you all ain’t got a hope. Here’s the first real look at how excited the cast (old and new) are to be working on bringing Twin Peaks back to TV. David Lynch. We’re in safe hands here and we probably don’t deserve this awesome looking return.

Twin Peaks returns next year and in case you can’t tell we’re a little bit excited.

Scream: Halloween/Halloween II

Posted: October 19, 2016 in TV


Oh dear. Despite a strong opening which teases a nasty tone for the majority of this Scream Halloween special it unfortunately filters back into business as usual. Eight months have passed since the killer from season two was sent away. Emma and her buddies decide to head to this island not far from Lakewood in order to escape the Halloween madness and the constant media spotlight being a part of the Lakewood Six brings with it. I only watched this special earlier today and I’m truly lacking any real motivation to go into detail with this because at this point it seems like the show is dead set on focusing on all of it’s weakest elements (certain weak characters, lack of chase scenes/true suspense, untouchable characters, random folk introduced only to provide knife fodder) as if they are the strongest.

In a nutshell our heroes head off to the island. They think it’s for a weekend of fun and research (two of the characters created a best selling graphic novel) into a decades old series of killings. Of course a killer shows up. People you won’t care about die. There’s no suspense. Some of the dialogue is SO blatantly trying to be hip and just falls flat. Like you can tell it’s the voice of the writer because no modern highschool senior would be referencing what these guys come out with. Seriously. Some of Noah’s dialogue is so SO cringe. Emma. I don’t blame the actress. I blame the writing. This character should not be anchoring this show.

I don’t like being negative about a show I think has shown promise but enough is enough. Where there any bright points? Not really. Brooke continues to be the shows MVP. Noah, despite being a really ON THE NOSE Randy stand in, has a really solid actor playing the role so he’s fun to watch and brings life to the mayhem. Other than those two….I say it’s time to let Ghostface go nuts and clean house so we end up with a very different feeling third season.

Recent news has revealed the show has been given a (very) limited third season (six episodes). I’m not surprised. I was convinced the show was getting cancelled and this special would act as some form as series ender but instead it’s closing the door on the second season and planting a tease (don’t get excited. It’s more of the same mythology from the last two seasons being stretched WAY beyond interest) for season 3, which FYI will see yet another change of showrunners. Perhaps that’s for the best. Maybe whoever steps in can clean house. Get rid of what’s not working and set the ship back on course. Otherwise I think Scream The TV Series is done. DEAD. Gutted. Like they found the shows liver in the mailbox.

Final Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer

Posted: October 19, 2016 in Movies

I wanted to take the time in this article to say first of all that the film is looking great. The visuals are a sight to behold. The stand out for me is that gigantic felled statue. The meat of this piece would ask you to cast your minds back to that first teaser trailer and whether or not you get the impression this new trailer is showing a new kind of film. Tone wise if nothing else I think there has been a shift in Gareth Edwards vision for Rogue One.

By now we’re aware the film went under some heavy reshoots during the summer which in of itself isn’t an indication the film is in trouble – that is not what I’m hinting at with this – but that the film was perhaps originally darker. I wonder if for example we will end up seeing stand out scenes from that first teaser – Jones’s character beating up the Stormtroopers, her devil may care attitude and that awesome final shot of her about to go undercover in enemy territory – replaced with a warmer lead character for who the most important thing is hope and her father?

Here’s the thing. That first teaser provided a glimpse of the Rogue One movie I’d get behind. These new trailers are showing a familiar looking narrative but not the one that first caught my attention. I have no doubt the film will be a solid addition to the franchise but I have to question if Edward’s original vision was compromised by Disney. We’ll know for sure when the film is released this Christmas and see if any of those sequences from that first teaser have indeed been replaced.

Here is the newest look at Assassin’s Creed and it provides the best indication yet of the tone of the film (not taking itself TOO seriously) and how the story plays out.

I think the film could go either way. The cast is stacked what with Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons & Michael  K. Williams. Then you’ve got director Justin Kurzel who directed Fassbender in Macbeth to critical acclaim, so the ingredients appear to be of good stock. What’s making me sit on the fence is the release date (December just seems a odd time to release this) and the video game adaptation curse.

Assassin’s Creed swan dives into cinemas just before Christmas.

The Prophecy

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Movies


The Prophecy is a movie series that I was aware of but I’d never seen any of them. Twenty one years later and better late than never I sat down and watched the original movie (thanks Netflix) and I liked it.

The film is written & directed by Gregory Widen (Backdraft, Highlander) and contains an impressive cast led by the always reliable and underrated Elias Koteas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Thin Red Line, The Killing) as priest turned cop Thomas Dagget. Dagget finds himself thrust into an epic civil war that is being raged in Heaven and is now spilling out onto Earth. Leading the angel rebellion is the excellent Christopher Walken as Gabriel who is hell set on obtaining a warriors soul that will allow the angels the advantage in the great war. Filling out the cast is Virginia Madsen (Candyman) as a protective small town teacher, Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction) as rebel angel Simon and a chillingly impressive Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer.

Released in 1995 the film has a great story that makes up for some directorial short comings. It’s not an easy task directing a movie and I think for the most part Widen does a decent job but it’s hard to feel that had his script been tackled by a director with a bit more experience the film could have been an whole other level. That said Widen’s script and the tone he sets is playful despite the heavy subject matter. Walken’s Gabriel brings as much humour as he does horror and the film manages to tow the line of seriousness and dark humour real well and that is due to Widen and his cast’s commitment to the tone set.

The Prophecy may not be remembered as a genre classic but it’s a great example of the studio genre creativity that was strong in the mid 90’s. If horror is your thing and you ain’t seen The Prophecy I’d say give it a watch. I’ll defo be keeping an eye out on Netflix to see if the sequel is streaming!


Miguel is still pissed off (with good reason!) and he’s back to kick arse in Tekken 7. His trailer certainly brings the hurt and check out that Rage Art! Ouch!

Tekken 7 launches Early 2017. Don’t blame me, I dislike all this vague “Early 2017” talk myself. Let’s all just be patient. We’ve waited this long and we might get some more characters in the meantime!


Power Rangers teaser trailer!

Posted: October 8, 2016 in Movies

It’s here! Finally. Well what to say? It’s a teaser for sure. Very little footage, in fact literally a tease, is shown of what makes Power Rangers what it is. I like that. This teaser focused on the characters and gave us just enough of a glimpse into who they are before they’re the Rangers. Rita looks way more threatening than she ever did in the show.

“I’ve killed Rangers before” Whoa. Steady now. No one has to die here! Haha. The standout for me here though is the gradual momentum of that famous score we all know and love. It’s a decent teaser. Still way too early to tell how this movie will turn out but I’m digging the Breakfast Club meets Chronicle vibe. Just give me a good movie that’s fun, has likeable characters and some great action. I believe in you Power Rangers 2017.

Power Rangers will be hitting cinemas next March.

Logan …his final battle awaits.

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Movies
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Cool, no? Here is the simple yet effective one sheet teaser for Wolverine’s swan song titled simply Logan. The Wolverine’s James Mangold returns to direct with Hugh Jackman set to bow out in what both director and star insist will be a no holds barred bloodbath.  Plot details are being kept under wraps but Mr Sinister has been confirmed for the film along with Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Logan will be bittersweet for fans of Prof. X and Wolverine as Stewart has also stated this will be his final time playing the role. Let’s hope these guys go out with a bang.