Logan (No Spoilers)

Posted: March 6, 2017 in Movies
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Logan is unlike any X-Men movie you have seen to date. It’s violent as all hell. Seriously guys I am talking limbs getting torn off here amongst other things. It’s blood shed central and it’s a promise made good from director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman. As his final outing as the character Jackman had told fans he wanted to go out on his terms and Fox were willing (thanks to Deadpool’s success) to let him and Mangold make the down and gritty Wolverine movie they always wanted to.

The film takes place in the not too distant future and finds Logan and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in a less than ideal situation. Right away director Mangold (who also worked on the film’s story) shows us these characters as we have never seen them before. They are down, the cards are stacked against them and in many ways the world has moved on from not only the X-Men but mutants. When a young girl named Laura(Dafne Keen) enters their lives Logan and Professor X embark on a road trip/western style journey on which they must stay one step ahead of the deadly Reavers (cyborg mercs) who are after Laura!

There are quite a few plot points the trailers for Logan smartly declined to show ahead of the films release and for that reason I won’t be going any further into the films plot. What I will say is that if this is indeed the final outing for Logan and Professor X then it’s a fitting farewell that will surely go on to be noted as one of the best examples of the comic book genre on film. This is coming from a big X-Men fan who hasn’t always been the biggest fan of the mutants on film, which can be hit and miss at times, but damn if Logan isn’t a total home run.

The journey aspect of the film helps keep the pace strong in how there’s this constant need for our characters to keep moving forward. As I said above the action, which compared to previous X-Men movies is pretty low key, is terrific in it’s ferocity. It’s a shame it took the success of Deadpool to really allow Wolverine to let loose like this but it’s better late than never.

The film has a great cast with Jackman and Stewart giving it their all. Newcomer Dafne Keen makes one hell of a debut as Laura, this young actress shows brilliant range in what must have been a tricky role to cast. The threat comes in the form of The Reavers, led by Boyd Holbrook’s Pierce and Richard E. Grant’s misguided scientist Dr Rice. Both actors do thier job well, presenting more grounded threats than what Logan and co. have faced before yet the Reavers are no less deadly. Elsewere the film has an impressive supporting cast with Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Stephen Merchant putting in good work.

X-Men fans are in for a punch to the face with Logan. It’s a film that dares to go out and do it’s own thing and not worry about catering to expectations except it’s own. Mangold and Jackman got the story locked that they wanted to tell and man did they commit from the opening all the way until the credits. I look forward to owning this movie.


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