Wonder Woman (No Spoilers)

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Comics, Movies
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Warner Brothers had a lot riding on the back of Wonder Woman. For one thing the reaction to last years Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad was lukewarm at best. Warner Brothers/DC’s intention is to have their own cinematic universe that can stand proudly next to Marvels MCU and I think it’s fair to say that up to now they haven’t had the best start. For what it’s worth I’ve enjoyed all of the DCEU movies to date but there is no getting around the fact that director Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman is not only the best movie of the DCEU it’s a fantastic movie period.

Gal Gadot, who made her debut in Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice as Wonder Woman, is front and centre here. Her debut movie is a showcase for the actresses’ ass kicking capabilities and natural charisma. Gadot gives Diana an innocence and strength that helps to create a great hero for all ages and genders. Her motto is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Wonder Woman will fight for those who can not fight for themselves. It’s Wonder Woman’s clear ideals that help create such a powerful hero.

The only Wonder Woman comics I have read are her appearances in the Justice League through the years. Her solo material is not as known to me so I was excited to learn more about her aside from the fact she is a amazon warrior and really strong. Jenkins lends the film not only a big heart but a great pace (considering the almost two and half hour runtime) and solid action scenes. The use of slow-motion is used to perfection to demonstrate the skill of the amazon warriors and Diana herself in battle. That same skill carries over into the films bigger action sequences during the horrors of World War One.

The film wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve but it never comes across as being cheesy. Instead the messages of the film, Diana’s reactions to the strange and often maddening world of man and the injustices around it come from a place of total honesty. After watching Wonder Woman you will not only wish you lived on the amazon’s paradise island but that you had amazon queens ruling over us. They just get society right.

Gal Gadot is excellent. Chris Pine makes for a solid and charming lead as Col. Steve Trevor, the man who acts as Diana’s guide into the world of man. Pine able to not only hold his own in the action but also in conveying his frustration at how mans world works and knowing all he can do to try and help is do what feels right. The film does a great job at bringing up arguments and debate about how we choose to live as a society and treat one another and those debates are best showcased in the scenes with Diana and Steve. Leading out the cast is an impressive ensemble of support yet the two stand outs for me are the great Robin Wright (House of Cards, Princess Bride) and Connie Nielsen (Gladiator) as Diana’s aunt and mother. Both actresses have links to fantasy classics yet neither of those characters they played then got to get stuck into the action and well…that is not the case here and that is awesome.

Wonder Woman is great. I loved it. It’s not just a really good comic book movie it’s a great movie on it’s own terms. Wonder Woman’s combination of a great cast, crew and director honour the comic legacy and have put out what I am certain will be a film that is talked about in years to come as a great example of the genre and of talent regardless of gender. It has one hell of a positive message too and in todays world that is something that should be celebrated and embraced.

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