Comics: X-Men ’92: Warzones

Posted: August 4, 2017 in Comics
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It was the 90’s when I first fell in love with the X-Men. Thanks in some part to the excellent animated series, which X-Men ’92 is a total love letter to. Written by Chad Bowers and Chris Smith the series features an all star cast – Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee and Storm (Note there are some very cool surprises that I don’t want to ruin but there are more X-Men beyond those listed here) and a art style by Scott Koblish that pays homage to the 90’s mutants. Yet it is the writing that adds more to the story of Warzones than it simply being a tie-in to whatever universe ending event Marvel has cooked up (I believe this was linked to Secret Wars) or a simple homage to a beygone era. Make no mistake X-Men ’92: Warzones is a full on X-tale in it’s own right and it is one hell of a ride. So much so was the success of the title that Marvel allowed it to continue beyond the Warzones event and it would prove a hit with both critics and fans.

Scott Koblish’s art is boss. From the big splash action set pieces, to the smaller exchanges between characters – Wolverine throwing Cyclops some shade, how Gambit constantly pines for Rogue while trying to remain cool – Koblish nails it all and the book is the stronger for having him on board.

The 90’s love is front and centre in X-Men ’92, from the bright bombastic colours and costumes, to the BIG guns and unashamed action that our favourite mutants find themselves caught up in. Any of you out there who happen to be a fan of early 90’s X-Men, or X-Force or any and all X-Men of that era will just devour this book. One of the coolest parts is the team just hanging out a shopping mall, just like in the original cartoon series, that comes under attack but not before the group goes all in on a game of lazer tag! It’s so funny. Cyclops, of course, taking the game FAR too seriously while Jubilee is in her total element. As the plot develops we get into more weighty material with an instituion, seemingly simillar to that of Xaviers, that is set on dangerous mutant rehabilitation and it falls to the X-Men to investigate. It goes without saying that not everything is as it seems.

Villain wise we get a extremely cool and unexpected main baddie. Yet there are plenty of nods to other much loved villains X-Men fans from any era will know and love and not to mention one that serves as a great set up for the future ongoing series that would kick off after this Warzones event. Sadly I ain’t gotten around to buying the next parts of X-Men ’92 but you can be sure they’re on my ‘Wish List’.

Seriously as a X-Men fan I can say this is the most fun I’ve had with the mutants since well…the 90’s. Check out X-Men ’92: Warzones. It’s not too expensive and it’s well worth adding to any Marvel comic collection.





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