Hella Halloween: Stranger Things 2 (100% NO SPOILERS!!)

Posted: October 30, 2017 in TV
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Stranger Things 2 is good. It could have been a disaster.

The sequel picks up almost a year after the shocking climax of season one. Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who was lost in the upside down, is attempting to adjust back to some sense of normality. Yet for Will, it becomes clear, those who dwell in the dark realm of the upside down are not finished with him or the town of Hawkins. No plot spoilers here.

The Duffer brothers, Matt and Ross, along with the show’s talented cast and crew, have crafted a strong second chapter. The show, I’m now convinced more than ever, is no show. After finishing Stranger Things 2, having thought the same during season one, I’m convinced each season of Stranger Things is meant to be a movie. Each season essentially being an eight hour plus film.

A big part of that reasoning is the pacing, most noticeable during this second season, it takes a while to get going. I found myself growing (whispers) a bit bored and waiting for something substantial to happen. That could be down to my lack of patience or it could be down to the Duffers comparing this sequel as the Aliens of their universe compared to the first season being like Alien. Hardly. In fact, I think more happens during the first season.

What you do get, and I understand this stuff is important, is a ton of character development, in fact you get a lot of it. This needed to happen. So in that respect it’s a good thing. Characters like Eleven and (really) Steve get great arcs this year. Several new characters are introduced too and the standouts are 80’s legends Paul Reiser (Aliens) and Sean Astin (The Goonies). Both are great actors and have solid characters that add a lot to the show.

The real winner of Stranger Things 2 is the time period it takes place in. The Duffer brothers and the incredible crew are magicians. The show feels and looks like it was shot in 1984. The attention to detail is out of this world. As you would imagine the soundtrack reflects the time period brilliantly. It is a total love letter to a time lost.

I liked Stranger Things 2. I didn’t love it. Yet, stay with me here, it felt like a season that HAD to happen in order to make way for a stronger Stranger Things 3. At least I hope so. The other side of that is the Duffer Brothers are making this up as they go along and have no real end game in sight. I know it’s meant to have four seasons but if you don’t know how you’re getting there that’s an issue. Hopefully that is not the case.

Stranger Things 2 is available now on Netflix.



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