Ready Player One trailer is a love letter to a different age.

Posted: December 11, 2017 in Movies
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Haters corner. I didn’t love Ready Player One. I thought it was a book that had some great ideas but the execution, I felt, was a bit lacking. The style wasn’t for me. Now what I will say, I’m sure many others felt the same when reading it, is that the book would make a great movie.

Cut to 2017. Ready Player One is now a movie and it happens to be directed by none other than Steven Spielberg. The plot revolves around a young guy living in a world ran to ruin. For many the only escape from the grim realities of life is the Oasis. A VR world that offers a escape into a virtual world where anything is possible.

The book is full of pop culture references and the film looks to be just as packed. Keep an eye out for some 80’s horror love, video game icons and classic movie shout outs.

I hope the film plays better than the source was in book form, I seem to be in the minority because the book has a legion of fans. In some ways it should. Just because I didn’t love it I can’t argue the fact it does have some great ideas.

Ready Player One will be hitting screens March 2018 and I hope it’s good.


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