A extremely early teaser trailer gives a first look at VENOM!

Posted: February 9, 2018 in Comics, Movies
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Okay. So by now most of you have seen the teaser trailer for Venom and the big take away was you did not get to see Eddie Brock in his symbiote costume. This film has literally just finished shooting a few days ago. It’s not even out till October. The fact we got a look at it this early is a privilege. Sony don’t OWE us. They know the fanbase for this is big so all involved wanted to get a look at the film out as soon as possible. Be disappointed by all means but don’t start taking to Twitter complaining how hard it is you didn’t get to see Venom. Relax. You will. The amount of kick off online I saw in reaction to this trailer really pissed me off. Talk about a sense of entitlement!

Now on to the teaser itself. I think it looked good. Tone wise it seems like they nailed it and by that I mean it looks like this will be a science fiction flick with action and a serious vibe. Tom Hardy will nail it as Eddie Brock. With the motion capture tech we have today I think fans will be in for one hell of a treat once we get to see what Venom looks like in action. The film has a great cast. Hopefully the script and direction pay off because if they do this could be a quality flick. Venom hits cinema screens in October. See? It’s ages away. You’ll get another two or three trailers before it’s out.



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