Streets of Rage 4 is happening. This is not a drill. Prepare yourself.

Posted: August 29, 2018 in Video Games
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If there was one series I hoped to see make a return it is SEGA’s classic beat em’up series Street of Rage. Sometimes dreams come true. This week SEGA & developer Lizardcube announced Streets of Rage 4.

Now that reveal trailer is gorgeous is it not? Hand drawn sprites from the looks of it which give the game a stunning look. Lizardcube developed Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, another SEGA title, which used a similar art style and was met by¬†strong reviews. So it appears fans of Streets of Rage can breath easy knowing the sequel is in good hands with Lizardcube.

From what we can make out in the trailer the game is not a remake, as I said, this is a sequel to the twenty four year old Streets of Rage 3. Character wise we get to see series vet’s Axel and Blaze kicking arse. Will there be more characters revealed closer to release? I would take a guess and say expect at least one more in there. Heck even if it is just those two I don’t mind.

No release date. Yet. Nor word on what systems the game will be available on or if it will be digital only. I want this beauty on Switch and I think that will be a given. Nintendo’s wonder seems like the ideal home for Streets of Rage 4. Word is there will be new gameplay mechanics. I think if it ain’t broke, which this series is not, don’t bother messing around with an already solid foundation. Hopefully whatever Lizardcube brings to the series gameplay wise will prove welcome.

One question I know a lot fans will want to know the answer to is if series composers Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima will be back to score the game. The music in the Streets of Rage series ranks as some of the best from the history of video game music. It perfectly set the tone for the world the player was about to loose themselves in. With any luck both will be back but if not then I can’t get dissapointed because to be clear I’m just really glad the series is back and looking great.

Check back here for more news and reveals on Streets of Rage 4.


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