Captain Marvel teaser trailer

Posted: September 19, 2018 in Comics, Movies

Here she is! After months of waiting Marvel fans wishes have been answered with the first look at the Captain Marvel movie. This film stands out among the other MCU movies as being the first one to be led by a female superhero. About bloody time!

My knowledge of the character is limited. I haven’t read her solo comics but I have read a fair bit of Ultimates which is this crazy cosmic series that Captain Marvel is a part of. Those comics are awesome and she’s a kick arse character in those comics. As for her origins? I guess I’ll find out in the movie. I think I read online this film isn’t an origin movie but it sure looks like one from that teaser trailer.

What do you think? I think it looks okay. Look I have no doubt the film will be a hit and will be so because it is well made but – sorry to say it like this – it does – visually – look like any other MCU film. Not a bad thing but I’m just putting that out there. Plus this is only a teaser. Major points for the Blockbuster Video cameo though and I am loving the younger versions of Fury and Coulson. Brilliant effects work there. Oh and Brie Larson is awesome and crazy talented so I think the film will turn out okay. I’m not familiar with the directors though but if Marvel are happy to hire ’em they must be good.

Captain Marvel hits screens next March.


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