The original PlayStation is back in time for Christmas!

Posted: September 21, 2018 in Video Games
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Back in the mid 90’s chances are high you or your buddy had a PlayStation set up at home. This console arguably changed the landscape of video games and elevated the industry beyond just being for kids. Games like Resident Evil and Wipeout proved that adults wanted to game just as much as the kids and the rest is history.

Sony delighted their fans this week when they announced their plans to bring back the original PlayStation console. The Sony PlayStation Classic Console, to give it its proper title, launches December 3rd and will cost you £89.99. For that you get the mini machine (this is pretty much Sony’s version of Nintendo’s SNES Mini), two first gen control pads and twenty pre-installed games.

Right now the only confirmed titles are Tekken 3 (the best Tekken IMO), Jumping Flash, Final Fantasy VII (one of the best games ever made), Ridge Racer Type 4 and Wild Arms. Right there you got a solid mix of genres with a classic fighter, a racer and an RPG. I ain’t played Wild Arms nor Jumping Flash so I can’t comment on their classic status. Not bad but I do wonder what the other yet to be announced games will be? I’d guess Wipeout, Tomb Raider and one of the Resident Evil’s will be a given. They have to right?

The big question being is it worth it? That depends. See I still have my PS3 and I have access to a most of the original PlayStation’s classic games via the PSN Store. Not only that but if you catch a sale you can pick them up for crazy low prices. So consider that. IGN also brought up another interesting take and that is the lack of dual shock controllers. You can play any of the games listed above with no issues with original first gen pads but I am not sure how later titles would handle.

As for myself I’m not sold. Not yet anyway. It depends what the other games are. One thing that would make me seriously consider getting it is if Sony included some games that previously never got European releases. For example Chrono Cross or Bushido Blade 2. Basically it all just depends on the games. If you ain’t got your PS3 lying around though and are in the mood for some all time classics then I think this a great idea.

What games would you like to see included?

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