X-Men: Dark Phoenix teaser. UPDATE!

Posted: September 28, 2018 in Movies
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UPDATE: Last night FOX announced they have moved the release of Dark Phoenix. The film has been pushed back from its early 2019 release date and will now come out in early June 2019. There is a specific date but seeing as this is the third date shift for the film it feels pointless repeating it. So yea for now the film is set to release early June. Maybe. We’ll see. Maybe there is stuff going on behind the scenes we do not know about it. Personal stuff etc. Understandable. But if it’s just a case of they don’t know what to do with this film then…that’s a bit crap in it?

So here it is, after release date delays and in the midst of re-shoots, the first look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix has arrived. This latest movie in the hit franchise, which is almost twenty years old (!), will be the second attempt at bringing the much loved classic Phoenix comic arc to the big screen.

In the comics Jean looses control of her powers after becoming the host to a cosmic being known as the Phoenix. What follows is a epic tragedy that goes from the streets of New York City up into outer space as Jean is put on trail by alien lifeforms for crimes against the cosmos. A film version of said events would be epic and the stuff of dreams for X-Men fans. Simon Kinberg’s movie does not look to be that movie.

Here’s the issues I have here. This looks like a remake of The Last Stand but with a smaller budget. In the comic Jean/The Phoenix is consuming stars in space. In this trailer she’s causing crashes and controlling helicopters. All, by the looks of things, in the Midwest. It’s hardly the space opera I was hoping for. Also with The Last Stand comparisons – Jean goes to Magneto, Magneto and Charles argue over her and it looks like there’s going to be a shock death when there doesn’t need to be. Frankly I just dont feel like Kinberg is, nor was ever, the right fit for this series.

Check out the teaser. This film is supposed to be about Jean and Scott. They hardly speak. It’s once more the Mystique, Charles and Magneto show. Sure Jessica Chastain is here and her character is a mystery but I think that’s working against the film. Who is she? She looks like Emma Frost but I guess that would make too much sense because Kinberg has stated she’s not Emma Frost. Nor is she another key player from the Phoenix arc but instead a big mystery. I’m rolling my eyes in case you’re wondering.

I always root for films and I want this movie to be great. I’d never root aginst it and maybe this teaser trailer was just a bit too restrained for its own good and the film does have all the good stuff bust based on Kinberg’s track record and how little his scripts serve characters beyond Charles, Mystique and Magneto I doubt it. This prequel series has a fantastic cast. It would be great to see the material they work with meet them all as an ensemble.

Hoping for the best come Feburary 5th 2018 when the film hits UK screens. I hope this movie proves me wrong and really delivers.


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