Final Score

Posted: October 5, 2018 in Movies


Final Score, directed by Scott Mann and starring Dave Bautista, Pierce Brosnan and Ray Stevenson, is sort of a remake of Sudden Impact? I think it is okay to say that because the two films are very similar. The plot/pace and action beats also have a lot in common with the Die Hard movies but nowhere near on the same level quality wise – by that I mean technically – as Final Score is a enjoyable 90’s throwback and an easy watch.

Knox (Bautista) is an American who is not a fan of English football. Nor am I but that’s besides the point. He’s over in the U.K. to take his niece to a West Ham United game. Unlucky for them. See the big game has become the staging ground for a bunch of terrorists who are set on having their demands met. Failure to do so will result in the deaths of thousands of innocent fans currently at the game. The thing is though the bad guys didn’t count on Knox and his past as an ellite solider. As is the rule in this genre we all love, once the bad guys pick a fight with the wrong guy he goes kill crazy and Knox does not dissapoint on that front.

I went into Final Score with fairly low expectations. I hadn’t heard of the director, it looked a bit too similar to Sudden Impact and the whole SKY Original label didn’t fill me with confidence. It looked like one of those real low budget UK crime thrillers the DVD market was flooded with in the mid to late 00’s. I was wrong. The film is a ton of fun. Once it kicks off. Look this ain’t Die Hard level action but the film is action packed and what action is on screen is well done and that’s mostly what I look for when it comes to these sort of films. You get all sorts with Final Score. There’s rooftop shoot outs with goons VS helicopters, in-door motorcycle chases and BRUTAL hand to hand combat – one kitchen showdown ranks as one of the films best fight scenes.

What also helps to elevate Final Score above being just a low key genre effort is a game cast and knowing script. The dialogue is pretty good, the characters are likeable and while there are times certain plot reveals reek of “We’ve seen this before” it never feels stale. The familiar plot beats and solid action work in the films overall favour because they let you know exactly what sort of film this is and if you like these films you know you’re in for a good ride.

I like Bautista a whole lot. The more I see from him as an actor the more I enjoy his work. He looks like the sort of bloke you would not want to piss off but it’s his get shit done attitude that sells it. Out of all his work to date – Guardians of the Galaxy, Sprectre and Blade Runner 2049 – this would be, I’d guess, his true first leading role. He does good. I still think he showed the best example of what he’s capable of in Blade Runner. I look forward to seeing what other projects he joins down the line. Ray Stevenson is a really good actor and he does good with what he has to work with here. Brosnan is decent, as he always is, but I think in the grand scheme of the movie anyone could have played his role really. I mean that as a compliment to Brosnan. I would have liked it if he had got more to work with.

Final Score doesn’t change the landscape of action cinema but it is worth the attention of these sort of films. Especially 90’s action movies. Like I said this is a total throwback to that style and works all the more in the film’s favour because of that. Bonus! If you have SKY Movies you can watch it right now instead of going to the cinema. Really there’s no excuse if this sort of film is your cup of tea.


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