SPOILERS ABOUND! Happy Death Day 2U trailer is here!

Posted: December 3, 2018 in Movies
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Please read the text below before viewing the trailer ‘ta.

Happy Death Day was a greats surprise. I dismissed it when I saw the trailer last year. Missed it at the cinema, shame too ’cause I’d heard how good it was. Finally saw it early this year and I loved it. Defo a film I plan to pick up and add to my collection. Now here we are a little over a year after the first film hit theatres and we have a trailer for the sequel Happy Death Day 2U! What a title!

Now I was conflicted on if I should post the trailer for the sequel or not because it spoils a lot of the first film. Hence the spoiler warning in the headline. I hate spoilers and would hate to be the reason for any viewer having a film ruined. That said I must say I can not imagine why anyone would be checking out a trailer for a direct sequel to a film they haven’t seen. So I’m going ahead and putting it up.

On to the footage and wow. Happy Death Day2U looks bonkers. This looks like it takes the time travel elements from the first film and goes even further with them. I have no idea how the sequel will play out and I love that. I hope the film retains its heart and humour. Despite the killing and screaming in the first film you finish it with a smile on your face and feeling good. I can’t see any reason why they’d change the tone up with this sequel and go super dark.

Pretty much the whole cast and creative team behind the scenes return for Happy Death Day 2U. Look for it in cinemas on Valentine’s Day 2019. Not long to go.



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