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Hella Movies 2017 Film of the year!

Posted: December 29, 2017 in Movies
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Each year I struggle to make a ‘Best of’ list. That’s due to the fact I rarely get to see all of the films I want to in time. That said I managed to see a TON of new movies this year. So much that I find myself struggling to compose a Top 5. Instead, this is way easier, I’m presenting the movie that had the most impact on me in 2017 as a movie-going experience. That film is…..


How much I loved Dunkirk surprised me. I can take or leave Chris Nolan. Without outright disliking any of his films, there’s only a few I’d go as far as to say I love. Dunkirk is a powerhouse of a movie, one that I initially wasn’t even in that much of a rush to see. I’m glad I made the effort.

The way the movie is shot, edited, acted, plotted and it’s use of sound is brilliant. The film asks you to make your own way through it. The movie as a puzzle method seldom works for me but it did here. Any emotion you feel as a result of what’s happening on screen is honest and not due to glossy Hollywood manipulation. Honestly, that lack of guidance on how to feel was beyond refreshing.

I can’t stress how much of an impact this movie had on me. It did not take a long time to realise it is my favourite movie of 2017. Of course we’ve gotten a lot of great movies during the year so I would feel bad if I didn’t give shout outs to It: Chapter One, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Okja, The Last Jedi, La La Land, Alien: Covenant and Cult of Chucky.

2017 has been boss. I hope 2018 proves to be just as good in the realm of movies and from Hella Movies I just want to wish you all a great 2018. All the best for the New Year!