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Wow. Sometimes the internet can get carried away with itself. That is my take away from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’d heard about the mixed reaction; Batman killing! Superman looking down on humanity! Batman branding/torturing criminals! This ‘Martha’ scene (which I felt made total sense within the context of the scene). All blown way out of proportion in my useless opinion. This DC comics fan had a great time.

I loved Dawn of Justice. It’s a bold movie that is very much it’s own take on Batman, Superman and co. The tone that Snyder established in Man of Steel carries over into Dawn of Justice. It feels grounded. Bruce Wayne’s outright horror at the destruction of Metropolis is chilling. The opening of this movie is heart pounding, that sense of dread and urgency carries over to the rest of the action scenes. Snyder and Affleck’s Batman is more terrifying in the limited screen time he has in this than he was in any of Nolan’s movies – not to knock them, I enjoy them but this was the Batman I had been waiting for. He is scary and out for blood. I’m a comic reader and I had no problem with him killing. It’s not like he’s turned into The Punisher all of sudden.  Snyder knocks the Batmobile chase sequence out of the park, plainly put I was in Batman heaven. Ben Affleck is a brilliant Batman and I hope we get a solo movie sooner rather than later.

Cavil’s Superman works well when he is in full on Kal-El mode. It’s cool seeing him question his role on our world and explore his inner turmoil. Dawn of Justice asks should Superman be accountable for the accidents his heroics may have caused? I loved all of that. I’d never seen Superman presented in that sort of light. You go back and watch Man of Steel (the climax of which plays a huge role in Superman’s arc in Dawn of Justice) and the death count as a result of Zod and Superman’s battle must be in the thousands! That idea of a nation divided – some see Superman as a saviour while there are others (like Batman) who see him as a serious threat that must be dealt with. That sort of stuff is great and works as another plus point in favour of the movie.

Gal Gadot makes a impression as Wonder Woman in her limited role when you realise how little screen time she actually has in the film. Gadot gives the character strength. From the first moment you see her she hooks you with an air of mystery and more than delivers when the time comes to kick into full on action heroine mode. Diane Lane and Amy Adams as Martha Kent and Lois Lane both return from Man of Steel and do good work yet again. The real surprise of the film for me was Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor! I knew from the trailer he was gonna be an eccentric take on Lex! In my opinion he nailed it. I didn’t even think it was this new take on Luthor. It IS Lex. He is cunning, his intelligence so great you can sense the frustration he feels at those who aren’t as smart as him, his ruthlessness and the jealousy he has towards the unkown in the form of Superman.

Closing thoughts? The score for the film is excellent. I love Wonder Woman’s theme. It is already iconic. Snyder does more than well with the direction, the acting is solid all across the board (shout out to Holly Hunter & Laurence Fishburne) and the climax is epic! Any drawbacks? I’d have loved if we’d got a scene (maybe replacing the opening flashback?) showing the audience what happened to Robin and a closer look at Gotham City too. I hope when we finally get there proper in whatever future DC movie that happens to be we get a Gotham more iconic than what we have in the Nolan Batverse.

So after all the hype, the mixed reactions and the wait I’m made up with Dawn of Justice. It’s a great comic book movie and I still have yet to see the extended edition which is meant to be even better!! So depending on how different that plays I may take a look at that on here!

Just because :)

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Have a SUPER weekend!

JLA Volume 1

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Spotlight on this great JLA run from Grant Morrison, Howard Porter & John Dell. This Vol.1 collection is packed with amazing 90’s art. It’s quite in your face but it certainly brings a sense of impact these larger than life characters deserve. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, The Flash and Aquaman pop off the page.

Morrison’s plots range from a rival set of heroes offering to help Earth (which rubs the JLA the wrong way), cyborgs, angels and outlandish stakes that envelope time and space itself. It’s a great collection and one I highly recommend. His dialogue and commentary often reads as tongue in cheek but never at the expense of the characters. It just helps to give all the crazy on display some levity and it’s refreshing to see the characters and the plot not take itself super seriously.

Some of the plot points I wasn’t so clear on. Halfway through Superman sports a brand new costume and his skin has turned blue. Why? I have no idea but it looks bloody boss. There’s also some random running around calling himself Green Lantern and again it’s due to my lack of wider reading from this era that I have no idea who that guy is but none of that takes away from the fun and mayhem on display.

With Dawn of Justice due for home release soon and Justice League Part One due out next year JLA Volume One works as a neat detour and fun read while we wait for more cinematic adventures.


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Growing up I was more Marvel than DC. As far as comics went. Only in my twenties did I start to really dig into the DC vault. Life long fan of the DC standouts but rarely had I looked into the source. Point being? Why am I boring you talking about myself? Well it’s so I can highlight I’m by no means an authority on DC but I wanna give my thoughts on Rebirth anyway as it’s (I think) a sort of re-launch aimed at (I think) people like me.

So Rebirth kicks off and we got Wally West (one of the Flash’s) trapped in the time force (I know what that is now thanks to the CW show 😉 ) and he’s basically traveling through the DC universe and checking in on the DC heavy hitters. Establishing where they are now and where they may be heading by the time this issue finishes.

It’s written very well by Geoff Johns. I knew there was clearly plot points I’d missed or had no idea about that had happened previously to Rebirth but not once did I feel total alienation or lost. That’s the issues biggest plus and it’s down to Johns. He crafts a spring board that looks back on what’s happened (and doesn’t erase anything) but tips the hat to the feeling that perhaps the New 52 had changed stuff too much and didn’t exactly work.

By the time you finish Rebirth you get the promise of a new direction that is more hopeful and less complicated ( and the DC universe-s- can be REALLY complicated. Come on now.) and a new threat.

DC wise I only read Batman (save for the odd Superman stuff) and taken all of that into account I came away from Rebirth with a crystal clear idea of what’s happened, where everyone is at right now and where things may be heading. If you’re new to comics or maybe just overwhelmed by diving into DC and it’s crazy history Rebirth is a great starting point.



Witness the amaze of Batman getting down to some serious beats in the big trailer reveal for The LEGO Batman Movie! Will Arnett reprises his role from The Lego Movie, his take on Batman was a highlight from The Lego Movie so it’s no surprise the breakout character was granted a solo outing!

Arnett is joined by Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, Michael Cera as Robin & Zach Galifianakis as the Joker. The film hits UK screens February 10th 2017.

The above trailer works brilliantly. We get told what the Suicide Squad are about, what they can do and a run down of the members. Each one gets a chance to shine. I love the look of the film and the tone. The action, thankfully, seems to be spot on with clear execution and some brilliant character moments.

Got to give credit where it is due; Jai Courtney looks like he has really lost himself in his role as Captain Boomerang. I wasn’t sold on his casting but his performance based on this trailer looks to be really fun.

Rooting for this movie. I don’t care about a new franchise or expanded universe master plan just give us ONE brilliant and totally unique action movie.

Watch out for the Suicide Squad in cinemas on August 5th in the UK.

As with the previous volume Batman Zero Year once again looks back at Bruce’s first adventures as Batman. In this volume he must contend with The Riddler and Dr Death. The later of the two I was not familiar with but he’s an excellent and terrifying villain and the crimes he is associated with are the stuff right out of nightmares. On the other hand The Riddler provides a great counter point to Dr Death and despite being one the most annoying Batman villains, in my opinion of course, he does a good job here of being a massive ego maniac. Which I wager is the point!

Gotham City has never looked more impressive than it has here, it’s a unique look at the city one which I won’t reveal here because it will ruin a lot of the story. What I can say is the majority of the tale takes place during the daylight and is all the more impressive because of this. It’s a total flip to what we’re used to seeing in Batman and it works without a doubt.

Running along side the main story are small insights into Bruce’s past. From childhood through to his teen years and you get a great sense of his mind-set post the murder of his parents. The results are heart-breaking and in one particularly powerful scene horribly tense as Bruce fears he is literally loosing his mind and going insane. It’s a very powerful page or two which really cemented who Bruce is.

Scott Snyder is putting out some of the best Batman stories I’ve ever read and his writing feels effortless. Bruce’s interactions with both Alfred and Gordon feel real and full of depth. Snyder gives Alfred a brilliant monologue that aims to try and shock Bruce out of being Batman while giving him some home truths. Very powerful stuff. As is the beginnings of Bruce’s friendship with Gordon which has much more of a rocky start than you may think!

Greg Capullo’s artwork is amazing. The comic is filled with striking images that practically beg you to tear out the page and frame them! Hahaha NOT that I’d ever do that but the art is seriously that good and it just acts like the perfect marriage between artist and writer.

Zero Year-Dark City is essential Batman reading. I love that I own this. Hopefully if you’ve not got on the Snyder run yet you will pick it up.

Scott Snyder is quickly becoming the writer by which I’ll judge all other Batman stories. He seems to get Batman, what it is that makes the character so popular and injecting it with so much freshness you’d think the Bat had just appeared out of the shadows within the last few years instead of over 75 years ago! It blows my mind to factor in how long this icon has been around. He was here long before many of us and will undoubtedly be here long after we have gone. Now with Zero Year – Secret City Scott Snyder brings us a new take on the Dark Knight’s origins, backed up with some fantastic art work by Greg Capullo.

Zero Year kicks off with a presentation of Gotham in ruins. No idea how the city has fallen into decay, who is responsible or even what time period we are in. To start off at least. Until Batman shows up and he looks so urban, haha, like urban jungle Batman. New suit, more raw. At first I thought it was the future but then as the story progresses it seems that this is actually a part of his beginnings. (There’s quite a bit of back and forth in time in the book, overall set in the past but with frequent jumps further back and forwards). The main tale focuses on a 25 year old Bruce. Newly returned to Gotham but as of yet still thought to be dead. From this point he makes contact with Alfred and his uncle. Making it clear to both he wants to stay hidden so he can wage a one man war on crime. Meanwhile a gang known as The Red Hoods are wrecking havoc throughout Gotham and it’s not long until they and Bruce collide.

The overall feeling I came away with after I read this was that it was a story about Bruce Wayne first and Batman second and if anything it rams home the fact that Bruce is just as interesting a protagonist as he is a superhero. We get to witness his inner battle as he at first wants nothing to do with his family legacy, seeking only vengeance, only to be made aware of how important Bruce Wayne the man is through some excellent exchanges with Alfred. The idea being that he has to be whole in order to truly survive and function as the man who wants to become. It’s once this choice is made that we see the beginnings of the Batman. Along side Bruce’s tale is what I took to be a very subtle origin for one of his greatest foe’s through the Red Hood Gang and their chaos.

Essential reading here for both casual and die hard fans of the Bat. I can not wait to pick up Vol 5 as well as Batman: Eternal.