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Batman Beyond is an awesome cartoon series. No wonder as it came from the great minds behind Batman: The Animated Series. It had that same attitude and attention to detail and due to that care it proved a hit with fans of Batman around the world. No wonder. This thing was like Blade Runner meets the world of Batman and the results were fantastic. Gotham City of the future sure looked different but as fans would quickly learn some things never change, Gotham was still overrun with crime and it needed a Batman.

Step in ex-thug Terry McGinnis AKA Batman of the future. Under the watchful eye of a much older Bruce Wayne, McGinnis took over the role of Batman and proved so popular he’d get his own animated movie in the form of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

This film is boss. Much in the same way that Batman: Mask of the Phantasm ranks as one of the best Batman movies, so does this. The story picks up within the continuity of the Batman Beyond show but honestly you can watch this and not feel lost. The film brings the viewer right up to speed on this new Batman and the future Gotham. It’s dark too. There’s deaths and the mystery regarding the return of the Joker, once revealed, pulls no punches. For that is the central plot of the film. What happend to the Joker in the years between Bruce Wayne’s run as Batman and Terry’s and just how and why is he back? Like the best Batman tales in order to uncover this mystery it is going to take not just beatdowns between the Bat and the goons but serious detective work.

The standouts in this film are it’s strong story and the animation. Return of the Joker looks great. It boasts first class animation. It’s a shame this style (used through The Animated Series to Return of the Joker and I think the Justice League series) did not become THE go to style for all DC animated movies. Recent ones in particular come off looking not as good despite these earlier efforts dating back in some cases over tweny years. I did mention the plot being a strong element of the film but the less you know the better because it has many twists and turns before it gives up it’s answers. The film was initially censored due to some scenes being too intense for younger audiences. Due to fan demand a uncut version of the movie would see the light of day which was the right decision as the violence shown on screen, which is arguably intense for the younger crowd, serves the tone of the movie.

The DC animated universe that Bruce Timm and Paul Dini created is easily the most faithful (for me) and well done adaptation of Batman and co. to date. None of the live action movies to date have managed to be as great. Whether you’re approaching Return of the Joker as a stand alone movie or one that fits within the continuity of the larger animated universe of Timm and Dini it delivers. Just like with Mask of the Phantasm I can not reccomend this movie enough for fans of Batman, mysteries and excellent animation. This is a must see!