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Big news broke yesterday. After months of rumours it has now been confirmed that a new Candyman movie is on the way.

Get Out writer/director Jordan Peele is co-producing the latest instalment in the series. Nia DaCosta is set to direct. I have no idea who she is but hopefully she delivers the goods. According to the IMDB her debut feature is titled Little Woods. So far that movie doesn’t appear to have a U.K. release date.

First of all YES to a new Candyman film. Hold your horses there too folks because according to Peele and the studio this is NOT a remake.

I repeat NOT a remake.

No this new entry is being called a spiritual sequel to the original. So in other words it’s a sequel I guess? Who cares. What’s most vital is the film is good. Peele is big fan of Candyman and states it had a big impact on him. That makes me feel like this project will be handled with care.

You’ve all seen the original Candyman surely? It’s a horror classic. Like a for real classic. Should you say his name into a mirror five times the Candyman, with his hook for a hand, will appear behind you and GUT you! It’s horrible! Such a scary film.

Just how close will the new movie stick to the ending of the original film? Can we expect to see returning cast/characters? Or will a new generation step up and tell their own tale? What is confirmed is the new movie will see a return to the setting of the original.

I love Candyman. Talk about a film you can re-watch again and again. It only gets better. I’ve never seen the sequels. There are two. Saw a bit of the second one but they just don’t compare to the first film.

Filming starts early next year and the film should be out sometime in 2020.



Posted: May 30, 2018 in Movies


Candyman is one of the scariest films the 90’s gave to horror fans. I saw this movie when I was way too young and it scared the crap out of me. Anyone else remeber the trailers on TV with the hook hand shooting out of the mirror? I was traumed and could not wait to see the film. The plot centres on a urban legend. If you look into a mirror and say “Candyman” five times he will appear before you and he will slaughter you with his hook for a hand. How horrible is that?

The film is directed by Bernard Rose (he also made the freaky Paperhouse) and stars Tony Todd (Hatchet) as the Candyman and Virgina Madsen (Sideways) as his would be victim Helen. Candyman is based on the short story “The Forbidden” by my local author Clive Barker. That short story is based in Liverpool, a city in the UK with a large mixed race community and full of high rise social housing. The move to the USA for the movie is almost seamless because the themes of race, class and the language of urban myths is universal. Even the asthetics of the film would not look out of place in Liverpool. I know why the setting was changed to the U.S. (more box office appeal) and I still love it but I think it would have been just as cool to set the film in Liverpool.

Anyway, I’m rambling big time. Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen are excellent in their roles and the two actors have great chemistry and that is important because in some twisted way Candyman is a love story. A horrific love story, drenched in blood, terror and the stuff of nightmares. Don’t misunderstand me, Candyman, despite having a tragic origin, is an outright killer and wants Helen dead. Helen, a recent graduate, unwittingly summons Candyman while conducting research for her thesis. She’s a great character because she’s not clean cut. Helen will stop at nothing to “bury” her peers. Putting herself and others in danger in order to offer up THE paper on urban legends. The motto of the story is surely one must be careful what they seek least it seek them out in return.

Race plays a big part in the film and it is handled well. Highlighting the race and class injustice that is still, sadly, evident in America over two decades after the release of this movie. The score for the movie is boss. It has this haunting quality to it that is both beautiful and errie. Rose does a great job with the scares and the tension, every fright is done to perfection and nothing feels like a cheat. This is a mature horror film that knows exactly what it is and embraces its horror roots. To this day Candyman has one of the best build ups in horror. It’s not a slow starter but it’s in no rush to get to the gore and the true horror.

Most of you will have seen this excellent horror. I don’t think I am going over the top when I say this is one of the best horror films to come out of the 1990s. It is one of my favourite horror movies of all time and in my eyes a classic. See this or revisit it if it has been some time since you last saw it. Not only does it hold up it’s totally re-watchable. Never loosing it’s bite. The sequels? I can hardly remeber the second one and ain’t ever seen the third. Stick with this and prepare yourself…especially for that ending.