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We’ve been down the disappointing Terminator sequel route time and time again post the classic T2: Judgement Day. So much so that when I saw the mixed reaction to the recent Terminator: Dark Fate trailer I got it. I could see where fans were coming from but I do not share their fear. The reason I don’t is because I trust the talent behind this film. Tim Miller (Deadpool) directs and he’s boss. Deadpool, forget about it being a great comic book movie, is a lean and brilliantly directed action movie.

Miller’s razor sharp focus on action and character is a great match for a franchise like Terminator. Then there’s Jim Cameron back on story duty, having had a hand in coming up with the film’s main narrative and being the most hands on with the development of the film since his original movies.  Yet it is Linda Hamilton who is the main draw here for many fans and rightly so. The folks behind Dark Fate know this too. Sarah Connor is front and centre on the film’s poster (Arnie is nowhere in sight) and the trailer focuses a lot on the fact that Sarah is back and kicking cyborg ass.

The footage looks good. Yea some of the effects look a bit …not awesome but so what? The film’s still a while away and they have time to work on some CGI and word is the film will will use a lot of practical effects. So let’s see how it all plays out first in regards to all that. The reason why the original Terminator has lasted the test of time is not a big secret. It’s due to the fact the film knows what it is and is made well. It’s a chase movie mixed up with a series of action beats and there’s no fat whatsoever on the flick. Miller knows this and that’s what his film, Cameron going as far to call this the true sequel to his two legacy movies, looks to be.

Sure, Dark Fate probably won’t reinvent the wheel but what it could do is offer a kick arse Terminator movie, which isn’t bogged down by a needlessly complicated plot and reminds fans why they fell in love with this world in the first place. 

I like this trailer and I have a good feeling about this movie. I hope you do too. We don’t have long to wait. Terminator: Dark Fate hits screens this November.