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Jason Lives, you better believe he does(!), proving as much as he SLASHED his way across cinema screens in 1986. The sixth entry in the adored Friday the 13th slasher franchise is a soft reboot of sorts.

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI acted as a slight course corrector for the series, after a bit of a departure with the previous movie, putting the focus back on Jason and Camp Crystal Lake. The movie is written and directed by Tom McLoughlin and despite being tame, violence wise, for a slasher movie (especially for a Friday the 13th) Jason Lives ranks among the very best in the series. For a lot of fans it’s considered THE best entry to date and I have to say I would have no argument with that. The vibe of the film is assured, knowing and most of all (and most welcome) it’s fun. Sure this is a horror movie and while it delivers on that it also has no issues with having fun.

So just why does Jason Lives have such a standout style and pace? For that us fans need look no further than McLoughlin’s excellent script. I always refer to Jason Lives as the Scream of the 80’s. The film is like a love letter to the series that has managed to actually become a part of said series! The characters are great and smart. They know what it means when you see a guy in the woods holding a machete and wearing a mask! Try as they might though few manage to get the upper hand against Jason! Jason Lives and clearly McLoughlin know all too well the conventions of this series and have a great time playing with them. The film boasts, arguably, the most likeable bunch of would be victims. These characters seem more than morgue fillers in the waiting and you want to see them get away.

Tommy Jarvis, who for all intents and purposes is the final girl of the Friday the 13th series, or final guy sure, is set to put an end to Jason once and for all. Plagued by nightmares and hallucinations due to his past encounters with Jason he figures it’s time to put the nightmares to rest forever and destroy the rotting corpse of Jason Voorhees. Tommy’s plan doesn’t work out too well for him. His mission backfires and Jason is ressurected and back to his killing ways! And wouldn’t you know it but summer camp season is just starting and Jason is heading home taking out anyone who should cross his path. These films work because the set up is simple – Camp Crystal Lake + Camp Counselors + Jason Voorhees + Mayhem & Bloodshed = Friday the 13th. McLoughlin knew that and delivered.

The cast in this movie are great. It’s full of genre veterans from film and television. Everyone does great in their roles but it is Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke and David Kagen who really make an impression. This trinity work so well together. Their characters play off one another really well. It’s a pitty these three never came back for another round with Jason! I’d have paid them whatever they wanted to secure their return for the next chapter. Kagen most of all. This guy’s character is just a force of nature in this movie. He is awesome. The ‘final girl’ of Jason Lives is a stand out. Although she is seperated from the scenes of murder and mayhem throughout most of the film when the time does come for her to face Jason she more than steps up and shuts that shit down straight away!

If all of this wasn’t enough none other than Alice Cooper contributed three rock songs to the flick. This one has one of the best original scores/soundtracks in the series. Hey, look, what I am saying is this Friday the 13th has it all. Sure the film ain’t as violent as some of the other entries but that’s not to say it has little gore but just it’s all executed in a different way. The opening of the film alone is pure old school horror from the way it’s staged and shot and to how it looks. The film has a fast pace, brutal kills, likeable characters, heck there’s even a high speed chase and a solid story. I have to say it…when it comes to the Friday the 13th series this ranks as one of the ones to beat for any future entry.



Earlier this year I was gutted. Not literally. Obvs. The reason was that the latest entry into the Friday The 13th series had fallen apart weeks before it was due to film. The goal was to have it out in cinemas for last Friday. It wasn’t to be.

Turns out I got to see a new entry into the Friday The 13th series after all. Never Hike Alone, from indipenent studio Womp Stomp Films, is a Friday The 13th tribute film. Having watched it I consider it a legit entry into the series because it’s bloody awesome. This is what a movie looks like when it is made with care and a respect for the source.

After I finished the movie (it’s almost an hour long) I couldn’t wait to put my thoughts down on what I had just seen. The set up is brilliant in it’s purity. Kyle McLeod (an excellent Andrew Leighty) is a extreme hiker who just so happens to stumble upon the remains of Camp Crystal Lake. He’s heard the tales of ‘Camp Blood’, of the massacre that took place there, so his next move is to check the place out! Why not? What’s the worse that could happen? Mass murderer Jason Voorhees isn’t real right? Wrong. Sorry Kyle. Jason is real.

What follows is a expertly shot, paced and really well acted series of chase scenes, close calls, showdowns and carnage. Plot wise this can easily slip into the official canon of the series without any major contradictions. It is that good, as far as this fan is concerned, I rate it as canon.

Vincente Disanti, the director, uses a variety of different filmmaking styles. These help to keep the look of things fresh and never dull. Cutting from found footage to a more tradtional feature style when the narrative calls for it. The stalk and slash scenes are done real good and overall it’s great. The special effects work is fantastic, seriously guys for a fan film this stuff is excellent and I felt like I was watching a legit Friday The 13th flick. Jason looks awesome in this. From his movements to his presence. The actor does a wonderul job. The whole team at Womp Stomp Films should be incredably proud of the work they did on Never Hike Alone.

I hope Paramount are paying attention to the buzz Never Hike Alone is getting. Next year the rights to Friday The 13th go back to New Line Cinema. Before that happens (or hey, New Line, you too!) , if I was them I would be calling up Disanti and asking for a meeting. One of the reasons why the new movie fell apart was the dissapointing box office of Rings. Paramount didn’t want to risk money on another franchise relaunch. Slash that budget in half, give Disanti and his team creative control and let them work their magic I say. Get these guys to produce the next official entry into the series. That’s what I would do.

Never Hike Alone is excellent. Don’t be put off by the fact it is a fan film. This is a great entry into the series and it’s better than some of the true sequels. I watched the remake on Friday and felt it had no life to it. It was missing that spark several of the older films have. Never Hike Alone reminded me why I love this series as much as I do and it’s required viewing for Friday The 13th fans. The film is available now on YouTube on Womp Stomp Films official channel.



Today should have been the release date of the latest entry in the Friday The 13th series. Sadly it was not to be the case as production on the sequel was shut down earlier this year. Due to messy rights issues it is still uncertain when fans can expect a brand new instalment in the much loved franchise.

Yet, hope is not lost, here is the trailer for Friday The 13th: Never Hike Alone! This fan film (don’t walk away, come back!) has built up quite a lot of buzz over the past several months. After taking a look at this trailer you will see why. Womp Stomp Films are behind the short and it looks like a lot of care and attention has gone into Never Hike Alone, more so than most fan films. Early buzz and reactions are positive.

So here is the bad news. We didn’t get a brand new studio Friday The 13th movie this year. The good news is we have this short and it will be available today on Womp Stomp Films YouTube page! So tonight, sit back, turn off the lights and get ready to head back to Camp Crystal Lake!

Friday The 13th Part 2

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Movies


Friday The 13th Part 2 is defo the Aliens of the Friday The 13th franchise. It’s bigger than the first film, has more characters and more grisly deaths! It introduced fans to Jason Voorhees and had him front and centre and taking over the slaying from where his mother left off. Not yet here is the iconic hockey mask that would make Jason Voorhees an icon yet it’s no secret that Friday fans have a big place in their hearts for sack head Jason! There is just something horrid about a serial killer wearing a sack over his head and coming at you with a pitchfork.

Part 2 opens with an effective prologue that establishes the fact that the nightmare that began years earlier is far from over. A camp counselor training centre is the setting this time out, during the film we learn the sight of the original murders has been shut off from the public. That idea of an abandoned haunted camp is a plot point I would have loved to see get explored in Friday Part 2 but instead the carnage is set mostly in and around the training centre.

I like the characters in the original Friday The 13th but I have to admit Part 2’s cast of characters come across more likeable. Amy Steel stars as Ginny Field who would go on to gain a reputation as one of the series stand-out stars. Ginny is likeable and clever and makes for an engaging lead. Original Friday stars Adrienne King and Betsy Palmer also return as viewers get to check in on King’s original heroine Alice and see how she’s getting along with a nice cameo from Palmer’s Pamela Voorhees.

Friday The 13th Part 2’s kills are not as gory as the original movie but manage to be just as vicious and effective. Among the kills are two of the series most iconic that will not be spoilt in this review! What I find funny is the fate of two characters, most unusual for Friday movies, is left ambiguous. One literally vanishes from the movie despite being it’s arguably second lead while another has their fate glimpsed yet they carry no real visual signs of being massacred! Like this character could just be unconscious! Maybe someone should go back and check on her.

Friday The 13th Part 2 rightfully earns its place as a fan favourite in the series and is a great example of 80’s slasher cinema. Instead of being sad the new Friday the 13th movie has been put on hold by Paramount maybe go back and check out one of Jason’s greatest hits!

Paramount murders Friday The 13th

Posted: February 7, 2017 in Movies

Friday The 13th

These past several years have been a rough ride for Friday The 13th fans. No doubt. By now most of us are familiar with the many false starts in getting a new movie into cinemas and sadly news broke last night that Friday The 13th: Part 13 has been slayed. Paramount killed the movie after their latest genre effort Rings did not meet box office expectations. The Crazies Breck Eisner was locked to direct a screenplay from Aaron Guzikowski, who also wrote the critically acclaimed Prisoners. What makes the decision that much harder to swallow is the new Friday the 13th was currently casting, with locations and effects studios locked down and filming set to begin in a matter of weeks in order to make the October release date.

Now I have no idea how the film making industry works but from what I can gather clearly with filming so close Paramount must have already put a good deal of money into pre-production costs. Factor in the fact Friday the 13th sells itself. To get cold feet due to the failure of Rings makes me question their decision. Friday and Rings target audience could not be further apart. A lot of creatives have already put a ton of effort into bringing Jason back to the big screen and it must be heart-breaking for them, let alone the fans, to be given the news that all their hard work is no longer needed.

Friday The 13th has been good to Paramount over the years and has constantly made the studio a profit. In fact as a big Friday fan I was delighted when the news broke that it would be Paramount who would be bringing back Jason. It made sense. He’d gone home. Clearly Hollywood likes to make money. Understood. Yet what sort of budget were Paramount giving to the new Friday? Surely it was modest at best, there’s no need to make a $20+ million Friday movie. They could get one of these out and cast with little risk of loosing money. Yes I know Blair Witch under performed (and clearly Rings) but with no disrespect to either franchise…those ain’t Friday the 13th and don’t feature Jason Voorhees.

I know a few details about the plot of Friday The 13th: Part 13 and it would have made for a entry that not only celebrated the franchise but would have set the course for a far more serious and classy horror without loosing sight of what the fans loved. I won’t share those details here because for all we know the script may see the light of day some day.

At this stage I was initially going to say I’m done with getting my hopes up for a new Friday The 13th. Maybe it’s time to let it die but instead I say if you feel this is one cancelation too many let the studio know. Tweet Paramount, be polite but get your point across. Below you will find the Twitter handles you need to make your opinion known.

What happens now? Reports suggest Paramount loose the film rights next year and another studio either buys ’em or they revert back to New Line. Basically we’re back at square one. Maybe New Line will make a new one, maybe they won’t. Maybe there’s a small chance Paramount reconsiders. It’s not over till the fat lady sings. Let’s see what happens.

Paramount Pictures – @ParamountPics

Brad Fuller (Platinum Dunes) – @bcfuller

Remember to #FridayThe13th and please be polite.



Hello fellow frustrated and impatient Freddy, Jason & Michael fans! I thought I’d give an update on each of the big three slasher franchies and where they stand right now. So what movement there is (or not) on any of the above and what the latest up to date info is on each of them. Look I know the feeling, you get to read a bunch of rumours or supposed start dates for these movies and then everything goes real quiet for like five years. No joke. So onto the news.

First up we have Halloween. Now last we heard Halloween Returns was set to shoot last year with a release date set for this Halloween. Well we can forget about that. It’s dead. Dimension films have lost the rights. As of right now no other studio has bought them and the project isn’t likely to go ahead even if the series finds a new home. Shame.

Moving onto Friday The 13th Part XIII. This film has died and came back to life almost as many times as Jason himself! The latest is this. There’s a script. It’s set in the 1980’s. It won’t be found footage and I kind of don’t care anymore because there’s no director, there’s no confirmed start date and they’ve now passed on TWO (what were meant to be) great scripts. The film has a release window for next year which is as likely as happening as the mean girl is to survive an 80’s slasher movie.

Finally onto Elm Street. No date. No director. No news…except for this. Somewhere in L.A. right now somone is working away on the next A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s happening. It’s being written. My guess is that after the absolute mess of the last movie New Line will be taking their time with this new reboot, remake, sequel or whatever the hell it ends up being.

That’s all the big franchise news right now. You know me and how this blog works. I don’t do click bait or post wild speculation or rumours like a lot of the bigger sites because there is nothing more annoying. I’ll give you the facts and like ’em or hate ’em this is where the big three stand right now.



Cut to the chase. Not likely happening any more. The CW ordered it’s pilots for this season and Friday The 13th was not listed among them. That means it won’t be out this year when the new shows hit. If you’re a big Friday The 13th fan here is my advice; forget about this show. It’s easier to reckon it never worked out instead of fooling for constant no news click bait articles aimed at you. The only news on this project is there is NO news. It’s dead. It’s easier to just see it that way. That way if it does pop up down the road (I mean pilot ordered, actors cast, actually films….which helps) you can be pleasantly surprised.

Friday The 13th CW hits our screens April 20th 200Never

The CW is heading to Crystal Lake!

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This week the CW announced a Friday the 13th series is in development with an aim to go to pilot sometime next year I’d guess. By no means is this a confirmation that the CW has green lit a show to series. Simply put there is a show in development and it will likely go to pilot sometime in the future. It is still very early days.

Said show is said to follow a cop who finds himself in the town of Crystal Lake searching for his brother who has vanished while investigating the towns bloody history. The show is said to be a cross between True Detective and Twin Peaks. Haha. Neither of which screams CW so…it will be interesting to see how it all turns out if it goes to series. What is good is that CW is MASSIVE and it means some great exposure for the Friday The 13th franchise.

What worries me is how shows on the CW have massive episode counts. Long seasons which are tough to keep exciting. How many times has Supernatural re-used storylines over the past few seasons? A lot. I feel like a Friday The 13th series could be great but perhaps the CW may not be the best home for it.

At least there is movement on this…unlike the feature film side of things….

Wow. How about these guys then? It’s an odd mix up to be sure but that’s no bad thing. I’m made up to see Jason Voorhees. It would be beyond cool if they had a Crystal Lake DLC stage to go along with him. Imagine the stage fatality! I could see Jason tossing his victim into the lake with Mrs Voorhees finishing them off! Predator is very welcome. Him and Jason will no doubt be dealing out some extreme violence. Tremor, well I’m a pretty hard-core MK fan and I had to stop and pause. Who is he? I’ve heard the name but far as I know he’s never been in the other games right? Finally Tanya, she certainly has her own fan base so I’m happy she’s in for them, she seems a bit more rough to how she’s normally represented though! I’ll defo be picking up Jason and Predator.

Happy Jason Voorhees Day Everybody!

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