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A few years ago Devils Due¬†Publishing put out some outstanding Halloween tie in comics. Over the next few months I’ll be taking a look at their output. If you are a fan of Halloween they are total must reads. First up is The First Death of Laurie Strode.

The story takes place after the events of the original Halloween II. Laurie is trying to come to terms with the revelations surrounding her connection to the Shape and why she was targeted. Factor in the grief and responsibility she carries in regards to those who lost their lives and how she is treated as a result, in fact how the entire town of Haddonfield now seems to have been shaken to it’s core by the slaughter that erupted on Halloween 1978 and you get a truly chilling tale.

What is so great about this comic(s) is the little details. A store owner disgusted at the sight of the Shape masks he’d been selling. Can’t stand to even have them around so he tosses them out. Or how Jimmy’s (a fellow survivor from Halloween II)¬† mum is SO passive aggressive towards Laurie. She blames her for Jimmy’s current state of life (he’d suffered a head injury and can’t sleep at all or work now as a result). Little moments like this elevate this from a simple slasher comic tie in. There are truly chilling flashbacks into the Shape’s past that only add to the scare factor and a standout call back to the original movie in issue 2 which I won’t spoil.

As a fan of the Halloween series it’s bitter sweet. This reads like an ideal Halloween 3 (or 4. I have no problem with the stand alone Halloween 3). Point being this could have been an incredible movie which filled in some gaps as to why and how Laurie took herself out of the Shape’s path during the later movies.

The writing and art are excellent. The creative team knows this universe and have nothing but respect for the tone the original movie captured so perfectly. If Halloween First Death of Laurie Strode and Nightdance (another brilliant series) had made the leap to film Halloween would be potentially THE franchise to beat. As it stands there’s a few too many disappointing entries into the film series as a whole.

Sadly the publisher either lost the rights or ran into financial issues (I’m not too sure on the what happened) as First Death of Laurie Strode was set to be a three issue event. Unfortunately only the first two issues saw the light of day which is a real shame. It ends on one hell of a cliffhanger but then even the two issues we did get are more than worth the loss. Highly recommended.