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Okay. What to say? This was the most anticipated flick of the year for me. Hands down. I love the original movie. I went into Resurgence with realistic expectations hoping for a fun blockbuster throwback and I am happy to say that Independence Day: Resurgence delivered that. It is not without fault but it pays respect to the original and it’s fun and it is not afraid to come back swinging with some pretty far out plot developments that aim to expand this cinematic universe and oh boy…are they outlandish! Haha. More on that later.

The plot is simple. Twenty years have past since the E.T’s in need of SERIOUS attitude adjustments almost destroyed Earth. After we destroyed them (take a bow David Levinson, Thomas Whitmore and Steven Hiller) our scientists were able to harness the left behind alien tech. The world is a pretty different place, with anti-gravity vehicles and we have a moon base. It’s really heavy old school sci-fi stuff and it works. The aim is that if these aliens come back looking for a re-match we’ll be ready for ’em. Good plan. Doesn’t quite work out. Ha!

Now onto some of those plot points I mentioned earlier. We get a new species introduced in this one. Makes sense. Why wouldn’t there be more alien species out there?The thing is…this “lifeform” is …well it’s execution is either gonna make or break the film for you. I didn’t mind. I was all in. Crazy? Fine. Give it to me. It fit the world but I know some people (and I can understand it) felt it was a step too far into the beyond. It certainly leaves the door open for a expanded universe. Quite literally.

Returning players – Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch and Brent Spiner do great work. Such a joy seeing those guys back. I would have loved it had Will Smith returned but I didn’t miss him. Goldblum looked like he was having a great time being back in the shoes of David Levinson and Pullman does some solid work as a very damaged Thomas Whitmore. I loved the expanded role of Spiner’s Dr Okun. Yep he’s eccentric but I loved it. Sadly Vivica A. Fox is wasted as Jasmine Hiller, a stand out from the original movie, she has so little to do in Resurgence you have to wonder why they bothered to bring her back in the first place. It’s worse when you see how strong she is in her limited screen time. That was a kind of issue for me and it’s a shame she never had more to do. One reason is due to how stacked the cast is. There are a lot of characters in this film and I don’t wanna go over everyone because the review will be HUGHE. Seriously there’s like 8 or 9 main characters in this movie, not even counting supporting characters. Everyone does a good job ( except one actor in one particular scene, can’t say which as it’s a major spoiler but I felt it would have earned a more emotional reaction than what is given).

The mass destruction returns with glee. They manage to out do the chaos in the original (thanks to modern special effects technology) but in a way it works against the awe. See it’s so absolute that you just accept it. Whereas in the original the destruction was more horrific because it looked so tangible and beatable. The weapon they use this time around is so total is seems as if there is no escape! And the ship! Haha. It’s not a fleet it’s one ship the SIZE OF THE ATLANTIC ocean!! So yeah a sequel that is BIGGER. Thankfully there’s enough heart in here that allows it to entertain and that’s all I wanted. I just hope that gravity weapon used in the movie stays a work of fiction. Seriously abandon all hope if that thing ever is created!

Independence Day: Resurgence did all I asked of it. I just wanted a good time at the movies and I got it. Maybe there are too many characters, perhaps it goes a little bit ambitious with aims to plant seeds for future movies but to counter it’s stacked with good characters, it looks great and the action (once it kicks in) does not let up whether it’s mass destruction, aerial dog fights or ground based assaults.

Closing thoughts? If you liked the original then I fail to see how you could walk out of this disappointed.

Here is the latest (& final?) trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence. Easily one of my (if not THE) most anticipated film of the summer for me.

This latest trailer shows us quite a bit more of how Earth has managed to make use of the alien tech that was left behind and the results are impressive. Despite being set in the present the film has a proper futuristic look. We get glimpses of the old and new characters and a clear idea of what is at stake this time out (everything pretty much haha). The trailer is jam packed with money shots and my one concern is the film hasn’t shown us everything. I hope there’s a ton of stuff they’re holding back.

I miss these kind of blockbusters. I’m delighted to have a sequel to one of my fave films and from the looks of the trailer it will have been worth the twenty year wait. Best film ever? I doubt it. But a fun summer blockbuster? I hope so.

The film hits UK screens June 23rd!

This latest look at Independence Day: Resurgence is dead set on showing how the anticipated follow up is bent on outdoing the worldwide destruction it’s predecessor dished out in buckets!

Yes. The aliens are back and no they are not messing around. They wants us dead. Haha.

It’s so boss to see Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman back together and of course they won’t be the only original cast members returning.

I think this looks great. It’s one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Now I’m not expecting the BEST movie of the year but if the film can just deliver two hours of fun, action, humour and excitement then I’ll be happy with that! Based on everything I have seen so far I feel like it will deliver.

Catch it in cinema’s June 24th.

Back in 1996 I had one of the best cinema experiences of my life with Independence Day. The special effects were outstanding and the film still holds up to this day. The sheer terror of seeing those ships emerging from the sky and laying waste to the world was exciting and terrifying. Now here we are. Twenty years later and we finally have a sequel. Based on the footage in the trailer I think the wait has been worth it. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I have faith this will deliver. It hits UK screens June 24th.

Hi guys! So this is really exciting because the makers behind Independence Day II recently sat down to shed some light on the sequel from the set! I haven’t watched all of the above video but I’ve read some highlights (I don’t believe they go into spoilers so it should be okay to sit back and watch).

Of most interest was the reveal that Earth now has an Earth Defence global organisation as well as a moon base! The above set in the video is the actual moon base complete with awesome looking vehicles – moon buggies, hybrid fighter jets chief among them. There’s some good character info which brings us up to speed on what the returning characters have been up to over the past twenty years. Also the sub title – Resurgence. I guess it means the 90’s are back with a vengeance!! (or the aliens, it’s probably the aliens!)

I am really looking forward to this one. I still remember being terrified of the original when I was a thirteen year old. That fire wave sweeping through the city? OMG! NO! haha. I also love the idea that sequel will be on a much MUCH larger scale. Lets hope the film delivers. I think it will.

Rumoured to return since the project was first announced but only now confirmed, Bill Pullman will once again go to war as President Whitmore (former?) against the alien menace!

Judd Hirsch, another familiar face, will also make a welcome return to the series reprising his role as Julius Levinson, the father of Jeff Goldblum’s character David. I have to say I love how the film seems to be bringing back everyone!

Julius Levinson steals a lot of the scenes he’s in from the original flick so I’m delighted he’s back.

Great to news to wake up to. I’m glad to see Vivica back as Jasmine. She looks great (pictured above with director Roland Emmerich) and looks like she could still out run those damn aliens.  She joins returning cast mate Jeff Goldblum and series newcomers Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Honestly if they can get Bill Pullman back (he’s expected to return but not locked in just yet) the trinity of him, Goldblum and Fox more than makes up for the lack of Will Smith. It’s a shame Smith couldn’t return but it’s great to see other original cast members back for the second invasion!

After several stops and starts it is now all systems go for the Independence Day sequel. Director Roland Emmerich confirmed yesterday that original star Jeff Goldblum will return for the sequel as David Levinson. Personally speaking that’s enough for me. I’m overjoyed he’s back and the sequel is moving forward. Plot details are very scarce at the moment but I think we can assume that those aliens and their MASSIVE ships will be back to have another crack at our planet once more. Liam Hemsworth and Jessie Usher will co-star. More casting is due soon and I’m hoping both Bill Pullman and Vivica A .Fox return.