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It’s uncommon for a franchise, like Mission: Impossible, to not only still be going after two decades but to constantly prove to be an exciting and action packed time at the cinema. We have Tom Cruise to thank for that. Not Tom Cruise the movie star but Tom Cruise the producer. Cruise took the smart route of being a producer on the 1996 original movie and it is this position which has allowed him to oversee and protect his franchise for this long. From co-stars to directors and writers Tom Cruise had a say in who came on board the Mission: Impossible team. Here we are with the sixth film in the series, Mission: Impossible Fallout, which is not only great but demonstrates how this series can and should keep going for a long as Cruise sees fit.

I enjoyed the plot of Fallout a great deal. In fact I went back and watched the first movie, directed by Brian De Palma, right after I got home from the theatre. The reason for that is Fallout is the most similar sequel, to date, to the first film. The story is dense and because all invovled have done their job right you will be led down a path of mystery, large scale threat and danger right from the opening and up until the pulse pounding finale. Plot points went in directions I did not expect, old faces shine and new characters are introduced which fit perfectly into the world of Ethan Hunt.

Mission: Impossible Fallout sees two first’s for the series, one is the return of director/writer Christopher McQuarrie and the other is a recurring female agent in the form of Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust. Faust almost stole the show in the last movie. It’s great to have her back. It is frustrating how the male characters – Luther and Benji – recur yet we don’t get the ladies back until now. Directors have gone on record saying it comes down to schedule but – please – if you hold off filming or work around the male actor’s schedules why not the ladies? Hopefully going forward we get the return of more IMF lady agents. Paula Patton and Maggie Q both played kick arse characters and I’d love for either or both to be back at some point.

It was a great choice to bring back McQuarrie. He and Cruise seem to work great together and both are clearly passionate about this franchise. Each making sure the action and stunts will thrill audiences. The stunt work in Fallout is excellent. Truly breathtaking stuff. The action is great. From gun fights, to hand to hand combat and high speed chases on land and air. All of it shot brilliantly and clearly. Many people have praised the action in this film and I can see why. Cruise, we know, loves this stuff and sets the bar for his co-stars, all of whom I must say get rightly stuck into the action themselves and that is always awesome to see! All of the cast are great but Henry Cavill’s character, man, I gotta say he’s a force to be reckoned with!

The film, you know it’s fine being constructive and that, so it’s arguably a bit on the long side. I did feel, only breifly at times, it could have been shorter and as a result tighter. Some dialogue felt like the creatives behind the movie sensed they needed to over explain plot beats to the audience and ya know that really was not warranted. On the flipside most of the interaction and banter between the characters was spot on and most welcome. The score is excellent too.

Overall Mission: Imopssible Fallout is a great ride from start to finish and I look forward to seeing what the next impossible mission entails for Ethan Hunt and his team.