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Nintendo NX launches March 2017

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Video Games
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Nintendo confirmed today that their new console the NX will launch next March. No other details are available at this time except the console will have a global launch and the new Zelda game that is currently in development for the Wii U will be an NX launch game. Nintendo has pointed out the Wii U version will still launch alongside the NX port.

Is this make or break for Nintendo? I hope not. Ideally I hope they blow us all away. The best way to do this will be an incredible launch line up and starting with Zelda is a great way to kick that off. Reports state that a Smash Bros. game is slated to launch on the console but whether or not that will be an upgraded port of the Wii U game is not known. If it was up to me I would launch strong with a new Metroid & F Zero. Constant first party support is key for the NX.

Nintendo have said the NX will not be shown at E3 this year. Instead the focus will be on Zelda. I hope the console isn’t revealed during their own streams. Why they have decided to ignore E3 is confusing. Surely they’d want the biggest audience possible to know their new machine is on the way?

Are you excited for the NX? I am.