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I love Star Wars. Ain’t no surprise. But even I was sceptical about a Han Solo stand alone movie. An origin story! Sometimes it is what you do not know about a character which makes them so interesting. I felt his history was best left as just that. I knew I would see Solo: A Star Wars Story but it wasn’t a film I held an enthusiastic interest in. During the production of the movie word came out the original directors had been let go late into filming and Ron Howard had been brought in to right the ship. You know what? None of that is important. What matters, this should always be the case, is what you think of the film when you sit down to watch it. The behind the scenes drama should remain just that. I’m just as guilty as many fans in how I got caught up in the behind the scenes issues that hit this movie. Lesson learned. Solo: A Star Wars Story is not good, no, this is a great Star Wars movie.

This section won’t be long ’cause I’m discussing the plot. ‘K so basically it’s a Han Solo tale that shows where he came from and (some) of what shaped him into the guy we know and love from A New Hope. There’s gangsters, aliens, thieves, space ships, shoot outs, chase scenes, humor, action, new worlds, surprises, set ups and pay offs. I knew very little about Solo. Even the trailers do a fantastic job of showing a lot of the same stuff so when you see it you realise just how much stuff the marketing kept hidden and I love that. I wish more films would follow suit in the run up to release.

The film works because it is fun. Listen to this, right, this movie manages to EXPAND the universe in ways fans have always wanted to see. Yes it happens to feature a few legacy characters but on the whole this entry into the Star Wars universe shines a light on corners of the galaxy fans have yet to see on film. Don’t worry though. I will not be discussing any of those elements because each fan should get to go on this ride knowing as little as possible. I think I can say that for the big fans of the universe who have read the books, comics and played some of the video games those fans will be delighted with how deep Solo goes into the mythology of the saga. Some stuff went over my head but other nods to the bigger galaxy out there I got and I was just grinning ear to ear. Star Wars legend Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jonathan did the script so the fact the story is as good as it is should not have been a surprise.

The direction is great. All of the action sequences (this film is action packed!) are directed real well. It’s all clear, some of it is brutal and the pacing is excellent. John Powell provides the soundtrack for the movie and it’s boss. The score plays a big role in helping to establish Solo as it’s own tale outside of what fans have become used to over the course of the saga. Again, with the direction, some of the shots and scenes the way in which they are directed gives this movie a very unique tone that I dug a lot. Effects are a mix of practical and CGI but the respect given to the work of good old make up and puppet work is so cool to see as it looks like there’s a healthy amount of that in the film. It’s very funny too. Not too much humour, there are some serious beats in the film, but overall it’s like a ride from start to finish and the whole while I was just sitting back and having fun.

Casting was key in order for how well Solo would work and in this aspect, again, the film is a success. There’s very little point comparing Ehrenreich to Ford. So I won’t. He’s great as Han Solo. Anyone worried about that can rest easy. The same goes for Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian. If anything this film has made me much more comfortable with seeing more movies featuring characters we know and love but played by different actors. Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Paul Bettany, Thandie Newton and Jon Favreau are all great but the runaway breakout is, it has to be said, Phoebe Waller-Bridge as droid L3-37. She’s awesome and might be my new fave droid from the saga. I’m gonna have to think about that!

I can’t see how you could come out of Solo: A Star Wars Story not having had a great time. As either a casual or big fan of Star Wars. The film delivered way more than I thought it would and it did take me by surprise just how much I enjoyed the film. It’s biggest success is the way in which it shines a light of parts of the galaxy that hadn’t been explored before. This fan felt Solo would make the Star Wars saga seem smaller when the opposite ended up being true. Pause for irony. The lesson? Keep an open mind with these films because nine times out of ten you have no idea how they will turn out and where they will take you.





Has Ron Howard has knocked this one out of the park? Despite a messy start during early filming Lucasfilm, from the looks of this new trailer, have got Solo: A Star Wars Story back on track.

Solo deals with the origins of popular Star Wars character Han Solo. The film will show how he became an unlikely hero and hooked up with Chewie and Lando. The rest, as they say, is history. Like I said this is no doubt the best look yet at the movie. I think it looks like great fun. Not every Star Wars movie needs to be some massive epic. Despite the big budget the tone of Solo seems more low key. A space set crime caper if you like.

My only nitpick is I think the actor that’s playing Han looks too old. The idea was to show Han as a young man, I figured that would mean late teens to early twenties and this dude looks not far from the age Harrison Ford was when he took on the role in A New Hope.

The film opens in May and stars Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton, Donald Glover and Emilia Clarke.

Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer!

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Wow! So did the rest of you wake up to an array of kick arse trailers this morning? I did. Tons of boss new looks at Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom (MUCH better than that first teaser), Mission Impossible: Fallout, a brand new Cloverfield (which just so happens to be available right now on Netflix!) oh and a tease for a little movie by the name of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Well that tease from last night’s big game has now morphed into the first full teaser trailer for the film!

I think the film looks good. In fact I think the film looks a lot better than I thought it would nor did I expect my interest to now be as big as it is for this new entry into the Star Wars universe. Sadly, yes, I was one of those people who asked “Do we really need a Han Solo stand alone movie?”. You know what? I’m still not convinced we do but once I caught that line “I’m putting together a crew” my mind goes to a heist like Oceans 11 style movie but with more life and death stakes and set in the Star Wars universe. That is exciting. The set up. Regardless of the fact it will feature Han. Visually I think the film looks very good too.

Basically I’m saying what we may end up with, could be as a whole, more entertaining and original than it’s lead character’s origin. Sorry Han, but a big part of me still thinks your past should be left with an air of mystery.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinema screens this summer, directed by Ron Howard and starring a heck of a lot of talented actors.


Wow you guys. Seriously. The Last Jedi is SO good. It’s like director Rian Johnson (Looper) just dropped the mic and walked off the stage. Hype is awful. I try to avoid it and I’d hate to be guilty of it. I can’t say The Last Jedi is THE best Star Wars film. That depends on you. I can and will say I thought it was a fantastic addition to the Star Wars saga and the main reasons why are the ways in which it honors the source but is fearless in the way it moves the saga forwards.

Picking up shortly after the events of The Force Awakens the new movie sees the New Order at it’s most powerful and the rebels in a bad situation. Plot wise, as is the case with me and Star Wars reviews, that’s all I am giving you. The best way to see The Last Jedi is to experience the story for yourself, know as little as possible. The trailers give away very little. To wrap up my thoughts on the plot I will simply repeat myself; The Last Jedi pushes the saga ahead in a bold way.

Rian Johnson’s direction is excellent. The Last Jedi is a visual feast. Throughout the course of the film you will discover new lifeforms, planets, crafts and all out spectacle. All of which is presented in a really dynamic way that blows the whole Star Wars universe open in exciting new ways. The action, whether land or space based, is fantastic across the board. There’s obviously a lot of boss action sequences in the movie I’d love to rave about but I don’t want to ruin them for anyone.

The returning core cast – Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are great. Hamill and Fisher are especially excellent. Both have a lot more to do this time around. Carrie Fisher is dearly missed and her performance in The Last Jedi is a credit to the movie and her legacy. On the newcomer front Kelly Marie Tan as rebel Rose is a great addition, as is the brilliant Laura Dern as Vice Admiral Holdo and the equally good Benicio Del Toro, as the mysterious DJ. BB8 is awesome too AND Chewie is boss.

Star Wars musical mainstay John Williams delivers another amaze and at times bombastic score. The music of Star Wars is as much a part of the experience as what you’re seeing on the screen and it’s great to say that the movie’s score is as great as it is. For me, the music in The Force Awakens was very good but I felt it was just missing that somthing extra. That’s not the case here.

As I am writing this I am trying to think and be reasonable regarding any drawbacks in the film? Honestly I am having a hard time coming up with any. Really. Okay. I have one. One character, not saying who, probably could have done with more development. Arguably. It’s a long film, I normally don’t have the patience for long running times but this flew by. The pace is great. Rian Johnson, his amazing crew and cast have delivered a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe and I feel privalged to have seen it. With Episode IX set to finish off this trilogy I can only hope J.J. Abrams is able to deliver a closing chapter as strong and as fresh as The Last Jedi.





Last night Lucasfilm delighted fans with the news that Star Wars: The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson is set to oversee a brand new Star Wars trilogy.

Official details are slim right now. Understandable when you factor in that we still have two movies left in the current trilogy. That means I wouldn’t expect the first chapter of this new adventure until at least 2020.

What is known is this new trilogy, which Rian will direct and write at least one (maybe all three?) of,  will be set in a different part of the galaxy and will be it’s own unique story.

If this means breaking away from the Skywalkers and what we have come to know so far with Star Wars then I think it’s great news. I love the Skywalker saga. I love the worlds we know and love but I’m ready to go into the unknown. I can’t think of a better captain for that task than Johnson. How though, when I haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet? Easy. I saw Looper and that movie is more than enough to put one’s faith in this guy.

But that’s not all! You know Disney are starting their own streaming service in 2019, or thereabouts, well, it’s going to have it’s own (and the first) LIVE ACTION Star Wars television series.  Guys. Gals. Star Wars. We’ve never had it so good right? What a great time to be a fan.


Nope. Not on here anyway. On Monday night the brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuted worldwide. Like millions around the globe I watched it. Of course I did. Chances are you did too. However what some people might not know is that the director of the film, Rian Johnson, issued a plea on social media asking fans to avoid the trailer.

He felt it showed off more of the film than he was comfortable with. Does it? We won’t know until we see the film. Trailers can be tricky and misleading. Maybe this is a case of spoiler culture going over the top? Later in the week Johnson revealed he sat down with Lucasfilm and agreed upon trailer terms regarding plot elements that CAN NOT be even hinted at in the marketing.

My feeling is the trailer won’t spoil the film if you watch it. Not even a bit. Just in case it does (hang your head in shame Alien: Covenant trailer, that showed WAY too much!”) I’m not posting it here. I hate spoilers in general and today you just never know how much the marketing will give away.

A lot of Battlefront fans had issue with the first game when it was released a while back on the PS4 etc. I found the game to be fun and I love jumping on and having a few matches in Skirmish mode. The thing is I didn’t pay £40 for Battlefront. I got it on sale on the PSN for like £8. So when you factor that into the experience I think it’s safe to say I got my money’s worth. Had I paid full price for the game on release you can bet I would have returned it.

What a nice surprise it is so to see that EA took on fan feedback and are set to deliver a single player campaign to Battlefront II that is massive in scope. The story will take place over the course of 30 years spanning from the end of Return of the Jedi right up until The Force Awakens. The majority of said story will take place from the P.O.V. of the Empire which I think is great. Hopefully there’s plenty more offline options for those of us who prefer to not play online. I’m sure there will be, otherwise…I’ll just wait for Battlefront II to go on sale for £8. Sorted.

What do you guys think of the brand new trailer? I seriously think the story looks very cool and I hope it delivers. Battlefront is a dream to play, whatever your feelings on the game you can not deny the gameplay is brilliant so I have high hopes for the sequel. It’ll be out in time for Christmas.


Here is the first proper poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s gorgeous in it’s simplicity. It’s also already my background on my iPad!

The Last Jedi hits our screens in time for Christmas.

We knew it was coming this week and yesterday Star Wars fans around the world got their first look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This teaser trailer is … a teaser. Haha. You know after I watched it my reaction was honestly “Is…that it? That’s all we’re getting?” Then I checked myself. As a first glimpse into the mystery of The Last Jedi this is a very good trailer.

The film is directed by Brick and Looper’s Rian Johnson. Looper is one of my favourite Sci-Fi movies; sadly I didn’t care that much for Brick but I’m certain Johnson will more than deliver with The Last Jedi. In bittersweet news, Lucasfilm confirmed that (despite news to the contrary) Carrie Fisher will not be in Episode 9. The Last Jedi will mark the actresses final bow as the brilliant General Leia.

The Last Jedi will be hitting cinema screens this Christmas.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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Behold the title for Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII! Who could this Last Jedi be I wonder? Hmm? Yep. It’s Luke Skywalker. Obvious Central paging! Haha. I love the title and the red font. Very cool. I reckon it will be a little while before we get a teaser trailer but I love this simple title poster. It’s boss. Christmas will be here sooner than y’all think.