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Gill’s right hand lady Kolin makes the jump from Street Fighter III/Street Fighter V background character to full on competitor as the latest season two DLC character. As you can see from the trailer Kolin uses ice abilities along with some killer hand to hand combat.

Koli will be available 28/02/2017.


Shocking absolutely no one is the news that Akuma will be joining the roster for Street Fighter V, he is in fact the first character to be revealed from the second DLC/Season 2 wave that will begin it’s roll out on the 20th December.

It’s been confirmed that the other as yet unannounced characters (five after Akuma) will be NEW to the Street Fighter universe. Sorry Blanka fans. I wanted Rose so I feel your pain. Maybe in Season 3? You know what would be awesome though? An OFFLINE ARCADE MODE! Urgh. Seriously. Come on now.

I’ve actually bought the game, had it for a few months now and I’ll be honest with you – it’s a great game. Gameplay wise it’s sound. It’s such a shame there’s so little offline content. Once that gets added I’ll be posting up my thoughts because right now it still feels lacking.

Above is the Urien reveal trailer. He’s available now for season pass holders and in the games digital store. Urien is a Street Fighter III fave and it’s good to see more of the classic and unique Street Fighter III cast make glorious comebacks.

VS CPU mode is now available. About bloody time! Still no Arcade Mode. I’ve stuck to my guns. I won’t be buying this game until it has more offline modes. As a service (which is how Capcom have presented SFV) I find the whole thing lacking and hope Capcom learn a lesson and never go down this ‘service’ route again. More stage finishers have been added as well as a few extra ways to earn fight money or whatever the in game currency is that lets you unlock colours, costumes and characters.

For those who love the online factor I hope you’re all enjoying SFV. If anyone else is holding off getting the game like I am may I suggest King of the Fighters XIV? It’s a lot of fun, solid gameplay and has like….crazy this…but a full range of online and offline features!!

Street Fighter III’s Ibuki is the latest DLC character to join the Street Fighter V roster. I held off on posting the reveal video because Capcom have not yet announced when she will be joining the game but if the past releases are any indication I’d expect her to be available at the end of June. Capcom have said there will be more updates throughout June including the story mode expansion and some other ‘surprises’. Some more offline modes would be a nice surprise Capcom.

I think Ibuki looks good. Gameplay wise she looks fun. I like Ibuki and play as her quite a bit in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. I’m glad she made the cut into Street Fighter V.

Guile is the latest legacy character to join the Street Fighter V roster. From the looks of the trailer he’s been given a bit of an update. I like his new costume and it’s cool to see Guile’s classic Street Fighter II stage. The airfield is one of the more iconic Street Fighter stages. Guile will be available in the April update which rolls out soon. He will be free for a while until the guys at Capcom have figured out how to get the in-game store up and running. Still no news on offline features. No I still haven’t bought the game and that is the tragedy here. I have the money. More than willing to give it to Capcom and I can not understand why they decided to cater to online play so much. That’s off topic. Sorry. So yeah. Guile. Awesome.

Capcom threw together a reveal trailer for Alex this week. And before we knew it he was available to play! I haven’t tried him. Still haven’t got the game due to lack of offline content. I’m protesting Haha. I think Alex looks great. He’s free to try and play for everyone until Capcom get the in game store sorted out. They still have some issues with that working right. In fact each new DLC character will be free to try until the in game store is working. Who is next?


Capcom lifted the veil off Alex yesterday and I got to say that I like his new design. He looks like a beast.


It will be a while until I get to try him out (still waiting on that offline content Capcom…) but I am eagerly awaiting the first footage of Alex in action which no doubt is just around the corner.


No date for Alex yet but he is expected this month. Capcom will be adding some new features to the game too but since they’re mostly aimed at getting people online I didn’t really pay that much attention to them. I felt a bit sick they can’t see the need for more offline content. The in game store is set to go online this month too. You can spend all that in game fight money on costumes and stuff.

Street Fighter V is out now. Hope those of you who have it are loving it. Can’t wait to get the full game when it’s updated. One day. Haha.


Street Fighter V launches!

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Video Games


Would love to say I will have some thoughts on the final game coming soon but as it stands right now I won’t. Yep. Street Fighter V was unleashed on the public this week and it has very little content to offer. Let’s take a look shall we?

Story Mode – Consists of one match rounds with some characters journey lasting only three to four opponents.

Survival Mode – Beat as many opponents as possible (again only a single round).

Training Mode – And that’s it for offline.

I’ve read the game was rushed to market for the fans because it’s known at this point Street Fighter V will be one of the BIG games at this years EVO. Okay, no issues with that. Players can jump on, go online or train. Makes sense. Yet to launch with no offline Arcade Mode or VS CPU option is shocking and disappointing. I’ve seen some people defend the decision stating how casual fans should learn to play the game and go online but that is rubbish and ignorant.

A lot of fans go online and get destroyed. It’s not fun. Now just because I prefer to play casually offline I need schooling? Please.

Capcom have stated a larger story mode will debut in a few months as well as daily challenges but there is still not confirmation that they will add Arcade Mode (you know it’s how we all used to play Street Fighter ‘back in the day’) or a VS CPU option.

So sad to say no I won’t be buying Street Fighter V at the moment. If online is your thing then have at it. Hope you have a great time but I’ll just wait for something a bit more complete.


Capcom have rolled out Street Fighter V’s final beta a day early. It is live now. All of the characters except for F.A.N.G. are playable. The beta will come to an end on Sunday the 31st.

I plan to get an hour or two in on the beta tonight. I can’t wait to try out Laura and see how Dhalsim and Zangief handle.

Street Fighter V launches February 16th.

For the first time in Street Fighter history Capcom plan to drop a story mode/campaign in Street Fighter V. It won’t be available at launch and will instead arrive in the form of free DLC/update after the games release. Capcom are calling it a Cinematic Story Expansion and it looks great. It will be available from June.

As for the timeline it is now official that Street Fighter V will take place before Street Fighter III but after Street Fighter IV. Haha. One day we may just make it into post Street Fighter III territory.

One final beta will take place at the end of the month. Be sure to check it out from January 30th to January 31st. After that it is full steam ahead as the game will launch February 16th.