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Suicide Squad

Posted: August 13, 2016 in Movies


David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is a mess but an enjoyable one that has more going for it – spot on casting and engaging characters – than it does against it.

The movie is the third to be released in Warner Brother’s DC cinematic universe. Following Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The plot has the U.S. government putting together Task Force X in order to combat meta-human threats in a world without Superman. The twist is the members of this task force are murderous, criminals, psychopaths and enhanced humans. The leads are the bad guys and they’re here to fight even worse bad guys, all the while under threat of immediate head explosion thanks to some chips inserted into their spines.

At it’s foundation Suicide Squad is mission movie. Think The Raid or Dredd. What works against it is the pacing. I can’t put my finger on it but the film felt real uneven until the team is let loose on their mission. At that point it felt like it took too long to get there. I’d say the film would have worked better with less on the nose character beats – we could have understood this gang of criminals through their actions while on the mission instead of having stuff laid out so on the nose during the films first act.

Will Smith gives a solid performance as deadly assassin Deadshot. Smith is a big character and it was cool watching him act as part of an ensemble and not taking over the whole movie. I felt the film nailed Joker and Harley Quinn; their scenes were standouts for me and I’d love to see these guys run riot in a solo Batman movie. Great work by Leto and Robbie. The rest of the cast bring charm and dedication to all of their characters. Special mention to Viola Davis as Task Force X mastermind Amanda Waller and Adewale-Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc.

Plot wise the mission itself was okay. I didn’t have an issue with it and the threat seemed legit yet I expected more action. What we get is solid and works and is shot well yet I was expecting a lot more. Same goes for the violence. I felt Ayer could have pushed the envelope a bit more there. The soundtrack is incredible, I loved the music choices for the movie.

All in Suicide Squad is a strong opening for a potential new franchise and it nails the characters, several of who I’ve always wanted to see brought to the big screen. The cast give it their all and I feel like maybe Ayer came up against some studio interference? Reason being the flow of the film just felt off. I’d love to see another movie, I enjoyed this one and I feel it could become one of the most unique series out there in regards to introducing new DC characters as the series allows for a rotating roster! By no means a disappointment, save for pacing issues this is a solid introduction and stepping stone for a new DC series. Frustratingly it just felt like there was a GREAT movie hidden inside a rather good one.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad…look at this trailer. It’s insane and gorgeous and brilliant and funny and action packed. It’s full of characters we have yet to see realised on the big screen and for that alone it warranted interest but the fact the film looks great is the icing on the cake.

Time to be honest. This is legit my most anticipated movie of the year. I want this to just deliver on all the mayhem and the fun from that trailer. I want a crazy fun action movie. As I’ve said on here before I’m not asking for the best comic book movie ever but just give me a solid bit of action packed fun. That’s all I want. Get excited for this because even if it doesn’t live up to the promise of the trailers you can rest assured we probably won’t be bored.

The above trailer works brilliantly. We get told what the Suicide Squad are about, what they can do and a run down of the members. Each one gets a chance to shine. I love the look of the film and the tone. The action, thankfully, seems to be spot on with clear execution and some brilliant character moments.

Got to give credit where it is due; Jai Courtney looks like he has really lost himself in his role as Captain Boomerang. I wasn’t sold on his casting but his performance based on this trailer looks to be really fun.

Rooting for this movie. I don’t care about a new franchise or expanded universe master plan just give us ONE brilliant and totally unique action movie.

Watch out for the Suicide Squad in cinemas on August 5th in the UK.

Now this seems like a comic book movie breath of fresh air right?

Hopefully Ayer and co. have managed to create a movie that really turns the comic book genre on its head. I’m not overly familiar with the comic but I did read the first New 52 volume earlier this year and really enjoyed it. It was fun, violent, darkly comic and packed with great characters and action. If the film can capture the same tone then it’s going to be a real treat!

The catch? It’s still over a year away! So get a look now and try not to get too excited as it’s a long wait!

Suicide Squad revealed

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Comics, Movies

Suicide Squad director David Ayer took to Twitter last night to reveal his Suicide Squad and they are glorious. (I didn’t even know Katana was in it!) Love that Killer Croc is practical and not CGI. El Diablo looks like he just stepped out of the comic and of course we got heavy hitters Harley Quinn and Deadshot. It’s a great reveal and personally I’m looking forward to this slightly more than I am for Dawn of Justice. I hope Ayer call put it off and deliver a action packed movie full of laughs, a bit of blood and great character moments! I doubt very much it will be a R rated movie but it can still be a darkly comic action fest.

I am rooting for this movie and this whole DC expanded movie universe. I truly hope they can pull it off.

Are you happy with the full team reveal?

Here is our first look at Jared Leto in character as DC’s clown prince of crime the Joker. I don’t dislike it. It’s certainly different and I think that is what is needed whenever someone new steps into such an iconic role. It is way too early to form an opinion on Jared Leto’s take on the character just yet seeing as the film won’t be out until next year but it’s great to get a glimpse of what is in store. Expect more character reveals in the coming weeks!