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The Final Girls

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Movies


The Final Girls is a love letter to the 80’s slasher genre. Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson and written by M.A. Fortin & Joshua John Miller, each of who clearly love the genre and deliver a solid and original take on said genres conventions.

The story takes place in the present day and revolves around Max, who having lost her mother, is asked to attend a screening of a 80’s slasher movie double bill. Said movie is Camp Bloodbath, which her mother Amanda Cartwright, starred in as doomed camp councillor Nancy. A fire breaks out at the screening and Max and her friends escape the inferno by tearing through the cinema screen which transports them into Camp Bloodbath. What follows is Max and her friends attempts to get back home, allude death by the Jason Voorhees like Billy Murphy and for Max…the oppertunity to save her ‘mum’.

Easily the films strongest points are it’s script and excellent cast. The characters both in the real world and Camp Bloodbath embrace their sterotypes but take them further and explore the reality of the person behind the jock, the bitch, the shy girl, the geek and of course the final girl. Yet for every oppertunity the film has at taking apart conventions of the slasher genre it never does it in a way which is disrespectful. Rather it’s a celebration of the genre. That is what stood out most for me.

By no means is The Final Girls perfect. But I don’t think it set out to be. Early buzz for the film was leveling it up to Scream like heights of awesome. Sadly where as Scream could switch between comedy and heavy chase/kill scenes in the blink of an eye The Final Girls tone is pretty light in comparison. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not a spoof like Scary Movie but it’s not a serious hardcore horror experience either. The only reason I bring that up, because I certainly don’t feel like the film ever tries to be anything but what it is (and it’s very good ) is due to early reactions I read being slightly misleading.

Don’t go into The Final Girls expecting a blood bath or frantic chase/elaborate kill scenes because despite being set in that universe it’s not what the film is about. Yes people die. But it’s not the focus of this story. Do expect to laugh, root for the characters and prepare yourself for a surprisingly emotional last act.

The ending is perfect but please….let this be a one and done. No sequel. The Final Girls may not have thundered into the genre like Scream did but it has and will continue to carve out it’s own place in the long history of the slasher genre as a standout example of what you can do when you add a lot of heart and passion to a sub genre.


The Final Girls trailer

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Movies

Hey guys, so this is a movie I heard about last year which has a very whacky set up. Here it is – a girl and her friends go to the cinema to see a slasher movie her mum starred in on the anniversary of said mum’s death. A fire breaks out and the group of friends find themselves transported into the 80’s slasher movie. It’s like the best 90’s movie they never made until now. Early word on this one is very good. I don’t like to hype stuff on here but I will say from the trailer we can at least expect a fun homage to the beloved slasher genre! No word on a UK release yet but soon as I know you’ll know!