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The Defenders (No Spoilers)

Posted: September 1, 2017 in TV
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The Defenders is finally here. The mini series is a team-up (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting since the intention to go ahead with this series was announced. Each of these street level Marvel heroes has had their own series to date and each one brought a distinct flavour that no other corner of the MCU has been able to offer. The Netflix shows are dark, adult and very gritty. So violent and dark are these shows that it’s hard to imagine the likes of Daredevil or Jessica Jones showing up on the big screen with the likes of the wholesome Captain America and jokey Iron Man.

I had a great time with The Defenders. It’s definitely a mini series clocking in at just eight episodes but it is stronger than either of the others shows (besides Daredevil’s individual seasons to date). The set up is simple, thanks to the likes of Daredevil and especially Iron Fist for laying the groundwork – each of our four heroes must come together (whether they like it or not) to face The Hand and take them down once and for all. Viewers will be more than aware by now who The Hand are and the threat they present to New York. These deadly ancient ninjas want to bring down whole citites and will stop at nothing to see the world run how they see fit.

The main draw of The Defenders is seeing how each of our heroes bounces off one another, much like The Avengers, only these guys can get away with a lot more. It’s liberating to see the likes of Jessica Jones make it clear on more than one occasion she’s out for herself and couldn’t care less what The Hand wants, or Daredevil crack down on some goons along with Luke Cage and Iron Fist,¬†not holding back and bringing the pain without fear of slipping out of a family friendly rating like say Iron Man or Dr Strange would have.

From Daredevil onwards the fight¬†scenes have been what has stood out for me in these Netflix Marvel shows and the fights on display in The Defenders continue this great tradtion. I won’t spoil the set-pieces in this review save to say anyone who appreciated the fight/stunt work in Daredevil and parts of Iron Fist won’t be dissapointed with the throw downs in The Defenders.

All of the cast are great. Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter and Finn Jones know their characters well at this stage and it shows. The chemistry between the four leads seems natural and that is a plus point because the show could have fallen flat if that spark was not there. Rosario Dawson, Elodie Yung, Jessica Henwick, Simone Missick, Scott Glenn and Sigourney Weaver all provide great support work and their characters each bring exciting turns and motivations to keep things rolling at a great pace. Also, you may have noticed I’ve highlighted several female cast members? Well it’s because there is some serious girl power running throughout The Defenders that proves pivotal to the plot, somthing the Marvel TV shows have always been more than happy to focus on, sadly the same can’t be said (so far) for the big screen MCU.

The Defenders is available now on Netflix (UK) and it is essential viewing for Marvel fans. The show never felt over long or as if it was stalling for time to make a pre-decided episode count, which in my opinion hurt the pace of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I suppose the one draw back is it may not be essential viewing for non Marvel fans. Being honest if you just popped the show on blind I think you’d be lost and be left feeling like you’re not in on the fan service and plot that has been set up throughout other shows within the same universe.