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Hey guys. Radio silence. I know. It has been a busy past week in reality, away from Hella Movies! What better way to return than with the hysterical first trailer for Deadpool 2! This came out last week but as I said I’m just getting around to it now.

This trailer is beyond funny. Would you expect anything less from Deadpool though? I appreciate the brief glimpse of footage from the actual movie. In which we get to see a host of familiar and new faces from the sequel.

Hopefully the change in director won’t effect the sequel and we have another great film on our hands. Deadpool 2 is directed by David Leitch, who directed John Wick and Atomic Blonde. So at least we know the film will deliver on the action. With the same writers and (most of) the same cast coming back I’m confident Deadpool 2 will deliver. We’ll find out next summer.


Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1

Posted: August 30, 2017 in Comics
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Back in 2011 Marvel launched a brand new X-Men series titled Wolverine and the X-Men. I was lucky and got ahold of the first trade that contains the first seven issues of the series and I wanted to say on here that it’s a collection no X-Men fan should be without. What a funny, creative and all round great run.

One of the best parts of Wolverine and the X-Men is how the school aspect of the X-Men is front and centre after Wolverine finds himself the headmaster of the new Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. From mutant centric classes, to students trying to get away with all sorts of mayhem. The book is really funny, without becoming an all out comedy and manages to pack in plenty of action, adventure and heart the best X-Men comics are known for. You get a great arrary of X-Men hits on the foe side of the equation featuring encounters with The Hellfire Club, The Brood and a detour to outer space all in the first several issues with nothing feeling either rused nor forced.

The trade I own is written by Jason Aaron with art from Chris Bachalo, the duo’s style working together perfectly. Each page and in turn the comic as a whole just screams fun. From the main action on the page to loads of tiny details you may just happen to notice as you go to turn a page. Wolverine and the X-Men is written well, has realy good dialogue, a fun story and great art. I can not get over how good this first trade is and if the rest of the series holds up as well I think this could become one of my all time favourite runs.

Roster wise you get a good mix of X-Men mainstays – Logan, Kitty Pride, Beast, Iceman, Husk and Rachel Grey – who act as the main faculty (wait until you see who the janitor is!) and several established students to follow. Lesser known characters such as Broo, a peaceful member of the Brood species and Kid Gladiator of the Shi-ar Empire make for memorable debuts alongside more familair faces such as Hellion, Anole and Quentin Quire, the later getting a fair amount of great character development that I appreciated. Also of note is Warbird, Kid Gladiators bodyguard, who while not as prominent in these first few issues, manages to make an impression still. All of the characters seem right at home uner Jason Aaron’s writing.

Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 is a must read for X-Men fans.



Comics: X-Men ’92: Warzones

Posted: August 4, 2017 in Comics
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It was the 90’s when I first fell in love with the X-Men. Thanks in some part to the excellent animated series, which X-Men ’92 is a total love letter to. Written by Chad Bowers and Chris Smith the series features an all star cast – Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee and Storm (Note there are some very cool surprises that I don’t want to ruin but there are more X-Men beyond those listed here) and a art style by Scott Koblish that pays homage to the 90’s mutants. Yet it is the writing that adds more to the story of Warzones than it simply being a tie-in to whatever universe ending event Marvel has cooked up (I believe this was linked to Secret Wars) or a simple homage to a beygone era. Make no mistake X-Men ’92: Warzones is a full on X-tale in it’s own right and it is one hell of a ride. So much so was the success of the title that Marvel allowed it to continue beyond the Warzones event and it would prove a hit with both critics and fans.

Scott Koblish’s art is boss. From the big splash action set pieces, to the smaller exchanges between characters – Wolverine throwing Cyclops some shade, how Gambit constantly pines for Rogue while trying to remain cool – Koblish nails it all and the book is the stronger for having him on board.

The 90’s love is front and centre in X-Men ’92, from the bright bombastic colours and costumes, to the BIG guns and unashamed action that our favourite mutants find themselves caught up in. Any of you out there who happen to be a fan of early 90’s X-Men, or X-Force or any and all X-Men of that era will just devour this book. One of the coolest parts is the team just hanging out a shopping mall, just like in the original cartoon series, that comes under attack but not before the group goes all in on a game of lazer tag! It’s so funny. Cyclops, of course, taking the game FAR too seriously while Jubilee is in her total element. As the plot develops we get into more weighty material with an instituion, seemingly simillar to that of Xaviers, that is set on dangerous mutant rehabilitation and it falls to the X-Men to investigate. It goes without saying that not everything is as it seems.

Villain wise we get a extremely cool and unexpected main baddie. Yet there are plenty of nods to other much loved villains X-Men fans from any era will know and love and not to mention one that serves as a great set up for the future ongoing series that would kick off after this Warzones event. Sadly I ain’t gotten around to buying the next parts of X-Men ’92 but you can be sure they’re on my ‘Wish List’.

Seriously as a X-Men fan I can say this is the most fun I’ve had with the mutants since well…the 90’s. Check out X-Men ’92: Warzones. It’s not too expensive and it’s well worth adding to any Marvel comic collection.






Posted: February 27, 2017 in Movies
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The X-Men cinematic universe is entering an interesting phase of late in how the producers are expanding the scope of the universe with films like Deadpool and Logan. Two films that have been critical smashes and proud owners of strong R ratings. Last week news broke long-time series writer/producer Simon Kinberg might be taking over the series and stepping into the directors chair for the next main X-Men entry currently titled X-Men: Supernova, with an aim to shoot it this year, along with a New Mutants movie and the sequel to Deadpool. Not to mention the mutant TV invasion with FX’s Legion. I thought it would be cool to look back on the original X-Men movie to see where it all began and just how far we’ve come.

Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects) was an odd pick to bring Marvel’s X-Men to the big screen. At the time of release (2000) Singer was known largely for smaller thrillers than comic book action. Generally speaking the gamble paid off and Singer ushered in a new kind of superhero movie that seemed rooted in a reality the audience recognised yet still managed to embrace it’s comic book roots.

X-Men is Wolverine’s movie. It charts his introduction to the world of the X-Men through Professor X and a chunk of the movie deals with Logan learning to trust in Professor X and learn to work with his fellow mutants and X-Men in order to thwart the threat posed by Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, who are set on bringing down humanity. Fox were famously reluctant to spend too much money on a comic book movie and while the film never seems ‘cheap’ you can certainly tell Singer and his crew had to work within a tight budget. At times the film, clocking in at just over an hour and a half, feels more like a (pretty decent) TV pilot than an all out feature film. From characters, to plot, to action, the pace of the film feels way more restrained than it should and that’s probably down to the budget.

Where the film shines is in the casting and the smaller attention paid to it’s roster of mutants (yet that’s a doubled edged sword at times). Hugh Jackman is Logan/Wolverine and is one of the films and the series total standouts. The same can be said of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen as Professor X & Magneto. The downside to this amaze casting is when you factor in any X-Men movie will have a large cast to the nature of the team and as such other characters and fan favourites – Cyclops, Storm (and anyone else in later sequels not called Logan, Mystique or Magneto) get less of the spotlight. That can be frustrating for big fans of the comics like myself. While James Marsden and Halle Berry are proven talents yet get little to do in this first mutant outing and their characters deserved more. Fairing better is Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey. Janssen does the role of the teams leading lady justice yet you get the impression it’s only her comic book ties to Wolverine that have granted her character in particular that extra bit of attention. Someone needed to be the focus of the film and it makes sense they went with Logan but it could have easily been Cyclops, Storm or Jean.

Back in 2000 when I saw X-Men I felt it was a good first attempt and almost seventeen years later I still feel the same way. The characters are great, the acting very strong and the action, while smaller in scale to what modern audiences would be used to, compliments the more realistic tone of the film Singer establishes. I firmly believe X-Men is not an easy comic to bring to life and for that alone I can respect what Singer and his cast and crew were able to do but part of me still thinks Fox would be better off giving the main X-Men a home on TV where it’s easier to balance story, action and a lot of characters.


Logan …his final battle awaits.

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Movies
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Cool, no? Here is the simple yet effective one sheet teaser for Wolverine’s swan song titled simply Logan. The Wolverine’s James Mangold returns to direct with Hugh Jackman set to bow out in what both director and star insist will be a no holds barred bloodbath.  Plot details are being kept under wraps but Mr Sinister has been confirmed for the film along with Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Logan will be bittersweet for fans of Prof. X and Wolverine as Stewart has also stated this will be his final time playing the role. Let’s hope these guys go out with a bang.